What’s Good Nutrition about? Learn a Few Tricks

What’s Good Nutrition about

Let’s face it – good nutrition is not about theory, it is about practice.

I have met many people who are proud of their knowledge about healthy lifestyle and who boast about it all the time. On the other hand, most of them were unhappy, unsatisfied, and always complaining about different health problems.  They lacked the understanding of good nutrition. It is always easier to talk, (especially to advise others) than to move “from words to deeds”.

I used to read a lot (I still do) about different plants, their benefits, great recipes, bad habits etc., but it took me a while until I started implementing what I had learned, until I started “living” it.  Over the years, I also learned that certain simple things make the difference – simple adjustments to our eating habits can do miracles, and it did, in my case.

How did I achieve that?

I used to put memos and notes on my fridge. When I came across an interesting recipe, information, advice, I just put it somewhere I could see it.  This habit has resulted in me being more curious, passionate, and vivacious.

I also used all kinds of different family gatherings to experiment with new recipes and food. After a while, I realized that these gatherings also gave me a great opportunity to spend quality time with my children, to teach them about healthy food and lifestyle, and to test myself, my knowledge, and cooking skills.

The most important thing I did was to research. I used every resource to learn something new, not just from the magazines, newspapers, and similar sources, but also from other people. I have met people with similar interest at the most unusual places – car wash shops, bus stops, video rental shops, boutiques, furniture shops, just name it. Some of them shared their personal experiences, both positive and negative, and this was priceless.

This is the list of the things that took me the longest to implement in my everyday life -the list of nutritional don’ts and dos.


Nutritional Don’ts

Don’t count daily calories – it can be very destructive, annoying and stressful. Moreover, it won’t help you adopt healthy lifestyle; you will just be obsessed with numbers.

Don’t skip meals – skipping it, especially breakfast, will only slow down your metabolism.

Don’t substitute fruit juices or other beverages made from juice for whole fruits.

Don’t eat fruits immediately after a meal – eat fruits alone or on an empty stomach. If you eat it after meal, your stomach will be bloated with air, the fruits will be held in the stomach for too long, and it will rot and ferment in the gut. It can lead to indigestion and other digestive discomforts.

Don’t eat too much or until you’re stuffed.