Organic Skin Care for Fall

organic skin care for fall

A nip is in the air as summer draws to a golden close, and it’s time to reassess skincare needs as September’s dry, colder air pushes aside the sunny humidity of August. By carefully selecting the right organic skincare products, you can keep dry skin at bay and hang onto the smooth, hydrated skin of summer.


Why Are Organic Products Better?

Organic products are formulated using only all-natural ingredients and processed with methods designed to seal in natural moisturizing, healing and rejuvenating qualities, nurturing both the skin and the body.

Many commercial cosmetics contain mineral oils, synthetic preservatives and other substances that may make your skin more susceptible to free radical damage, dryness and aging as they penetrate the skin and are absorbed into the body. High-quality natural skincare products contain no artificial colors, preservatives, or fragrances.

Fall is a great time to reassess skincare needs from cleansing to exfoliating to moisturizing. Analyze your skin type and determine whether it changes throughout the seasons, calling for varying regimes. It is often worthwhile to consult with cosmetic counter beauty advisers.


Cleansers for Fall

Moving away from the characteristic damp of summer, the skin may need less drying formulations. Try creamy facial cleansers during these months, and sample soap-free shower gels and creamy body washes to keep skin moist and free of flakes and scaly spots.

Organic Skin Care for Fall

If using soap products, try organic soaps made with a cold crafted process, which seals in natural emollients and does not strip skin of essential oils like harsh commercial soaps. Particularly sensitive skin may call for unscented products.


Cold Weather Moisturizing

Moisturize right after bathing to seal in rich emollients while the skin is still damp. During these drier, chilly months, try a switch from lotion to cream for your body. Creams are thicker and richer, providing superior moisture balance, hydrating effects and protection against extremes of temperature. If your skin is oily and you think the cream will be too greasy, try one of the winter-weight lotions for an effective compromise.



Exfoliating is important whether your skin is exposed to the glorious sunshine or hidden under wooly sweaters. Use an exfoliating loofah to remove dead skin cells, open pores for thorough cleansing and increase the circulation that gives your skin its healthy glow.

It’s easy to fall into the habit of using the same scrub year-round, but fall’s dry chill may call for the magnificent mix of hydrating and exfoliating provided by oil-based scrubs. These powerful purveyors of smoothly beautiful skin come with a wide range of oil content, so choose one suited to your skin type.


Caring for Hands and Feet

Hands and feet need special care in any season. Hands need much extra care, as the skin here is thinner and is continuously immersed in water and exposed to UV rays. There are loads of excellent organic hand creams and cuticle oils, and by keeping lotion in your purse, you’ll be able to slather on some every time you wash your hands.

feet care

Feet need lots of tender care to keep them from being tough, so don’t put them out of your mind just because they’re tucked inside boots and heels all winter. If you moisturize and exfoliate your tootsies religiously, next summer’s sandals will find some smooth and silky feet to parade proudly down the boardwalk.


Keep up the Sun Protection

The blazing beach days of summer may be gone, but the need for sunscreen protection is not, as UV rays penetrate even on overcast and cloudy days at any temperature.

Keep applying sunscreen with a minimum of 15 SPF throughout the year. If your skin is oily, look for special dry formulations that won’t give you that greasy feel.

Remember that hands, face, ears and the left-side driver’s arm are exposed to damaging rays year-round.

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Last article update: 9/24/2020