Eat More Servings of Fruit and Vegetables to Improve Your Mental Health

Eat More Servings of Fruit and Vegetables to Improve Your Mental Health


The Link between Eating Vegetables, Fruits and Mental Well-being

A lot has been said about the link between the consumption of junk food and optimism in people. The research has shown that the more one consumes junk food, his ability to be happy and optimistic drops. This research was able to show that depression can actually be caused by poor eating habits.

However, there is no mention of the link between eating fruits and vegetables in one hand, and the happiness and mental well being of a person on the other.

At present there only exists a recommendation by health experts to eat five daily servings of vegetables and fruits so as to reduce one’s chances of getting cancer and to improve one’s cardiovascular health.

Despite all these inquiries into the health benefits of fruits and vegetables, there have never been any serious insights into the causal effects of these food items on our mental health.

Eat More Servings of Fruit and Vegetables to Improve Your Mental Health

There is a new study that shows a link between these variables. The study shows that eating more and more fruits and vegetables can actually help you to improve your mental well-being. This study affirms the fact that fruits and vegetables are indeed some of the healthiest food substances that we can consume for both our physical and mental health.


The Details of the Study

The study was conducted by the University of Warwick which is based in the United Kingdom. It had a sample size of 80 000 people. Those sampled were all Britons. The focus of the study was on the individual diets of these 80 000 people and the effect of the diets on their mental well-being. The study used one cup as a measure of one serving. For example, a medium apple and two medium carrots were considered as a one serving of fruit and one serving of vegetables.


The Findings of the Study

  • The mental health of those sampled increased as the number of servings of vegetables and fruits consumed on a daily basis increased.
  • The highest recorded level of mental well-being was found amongst those individuals who consumed more than seven servings of fruits and vegetables each day.
  • Nearly 25% of the entire English population consume only one daily serving of vegetables and fruits or none at all.
  • Only about 10% of the same population consume seven daily servings of vegetables and fruits or more.

The study came to the conclusion that the number of vegetable and fruit serving one consumes on a daily basis will determine his or her mental well-being. The study is only limited in the sense that it does not go on further to elaborate on which specific vegetables and fruits if any, can actually help you to improve your mental health.


Suggestions and Recommendations from

We know fairly well how hectic it is to keep count of your daily servings to achieve the right sort of nutritional balance in your diet so as to keep yourself as healthy as possible, both physically and mentally. We have therefore devised a couple of practical ways to keep helping you in this task. Maintain and follow these tips for a healthier and better way of living.


#Dessert Fruit Salad

Eat More Servings of Fruit and Vegetables to Improve Your Mental Health

Start preparing fruit salads as often as possible, not just on weekends.  You can actually try serving fruit salad desserts every weeknight.


#Make it a Fruity Breakfast

People love a hot cereal meal especially during the cold season which is just around the corner. You can take advantage of this by adding more fruit to your cereals. For instance, try adding cinnamon and apple slice to your bowl of oatmeal. It will taste better and it will be a more nutritious breakfast.


#Add Extra Vegetables to Your Dinner

Eat More Servings of Fruit and Vegetables to Improve Your Mental Health

It is normal to find bits and pieces of vegetable alongside your main dish during dinner. Why not turn dinner time into an opportunity to serve your family with a healthier mix of food items. Add more vegetables to the side plate beside your main dish at dinner. Do not let dinner be just about macaroni and cheese, but let the macaroni and cheese come to the table with a bit of broccoli on the side.

#Side Salads Increase

Increase the number of times you order or make side salads that compliment your main meal. Ensure that the side salads have lots and lots of vegetables and/or fruits.

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