Breakfast Food – What to Choose and Why?

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Yes, we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but some of us are all talk and no action. There are people who skip breakfast in order to lose weight, which is, in my opinion, completely wrong. Others have problems with discipline thus always indulge themselves with few more minutes of sleep.  Some have bad habits of oversleeping, and some are just lazy. Regardless of the reason, how do we change our habits and how do we start having breakfast regularly?  Well, this is up to each one of us, but with a little effort and willingness, everything will be accomplished.

On the other hand, is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? Without any doubt, breakfast is the meal that gives you energy and strength, both physical and mental.

Studies have shown that people, who do not include food rich in minerals and vitamins in their breakfast, suffer from stress and nervousness during the day. Those who do not include dietary fiber in their breakfast at least once a week, can feel tired and exhausted. Overall, those who do not consume healthy food and eat regularly can easily threaten their immune system.

Then, what should we eat for breakfast? Let us see the list of the food that will help us stay healthy and happy.


Why Choose Fresh Fruit for Breakfast?

Personally, fruit is my favorite food because it makes me feel energized and full of strength.  Although many think that fruit is only a snack food, it is true that particular fruits have more valuable health benefits than we actually thought they would have. On the other hand, we should be familiar with the basic characteristics of at least our favorite fruits in order to gain most of it.

Thus, for instance, grapefruit is a powerful fat burning fruit. Half a grapefruit before meal helps with weight loss. On the other hand, grapefruit has excellent immune system boosters, a powerful antioxidants and it helps with blood sugar level.

Watermelon is excellent for hydration. As the best source of lycopene, watermelon is great for vision and heart health.

Bananas are healthy carbohydrates that go great with cereals or oatmeal because they have its natural sweetness. For people with hypertension, they are an excellent source of electrolyte.

Berries are perfect because they are  great sources of antioxidants (strawberries are rich with vitamin C) yet so low in calories. Eating blueberries regularly, on the other hand, helps with memory and motor skills. Low in calories, they are high in fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin K. Fresh or frozen, they are the perfect addition to cereals, or yogurt.

Melons and cantaloupe have high water concentration, so one will stay hydrated until lunch.