10 Tips for Preparing Your Skin for Spring

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Spring is the season for rejuvenation and freshness all around, so while the leaves are preparing to make a comeback, why leave yourself behind in the rat race? We all know that different skin types need different products.

Similarly, different seasons need different skincare regimes and different products as well. Why should you stick to do spring cleaning in your house when you can also do spring cleaning on yourself and prepare your skin for the new season?


1. Exfoliating your face and body

Exfoliation is an integral part of every skincare routine, be it for the spring or the summer. It helps to clear out the dead skin cells and helps to nurse your skin back to health.

There are many exfoliating scrubs in the market consisting of apricots and walnuts. However, you should be fully aware of your skin type before you choose your exfoliating scrub because apricot or walnut scrubs can cause very tiny tears on the skin surface if the skin is too sensitive. As it is, there’s no need to scrub your face every day or, better yet, go for something less intensive. Remember to exfoliate your body as well. In fact, exfoliation even makes the process of waxing much safer and easier.


2. Clean your face every day

Cleansing is the first part of the three-step skincare regime. You can use a cream or foam based face cleanser to wash off the impurities that get stuck to your face every day. Since the face comes in direct contact with the environment, it’s crucial to take good care of it.

If your skin is oily, try using a foam or gel-based cleanser. Your face needs to be cleansed, toned and moisturized twice every day, so you should follow this regime in the morning and the night for best results.


3. Don’t forget to use a toner

Using a toner is the second part of this skincare routine. It helps in tightening the pores to ensure minimal dirt getting stuck in them. Use a toner that suits your skin type and keep it mild. Harsh toners can damage your skin.

Once, I bought this herbal toner that ended up making my acne problem worse, so use products that have worked for you. Since we are talking about your face, what you use on it will be out there for everyone to see.


4. Sufficient moisturization

It is the final step in the everyday skincare program. After completing the first two steps, moisturize your skin to help it to retain some of its original moisture and to make your skin further soft.

If this daily skincare regime is practiced every day using products that suit your skin, it will look as fresh as the flowers and trees look in spring.


5. Use sunscreen

The March sun can be as damaging as the April sun, so it is essential to use sufficient sunscreen lotion to block the effects as much as possible. When purchasing sunscreen lotion for use, make sure you use a good product with a high SPF in it.

Try to buy a minimum of SPF 20 to give your skin sun protection.


6. Get facial massages every now and then

Facials exfoliate and cleanse. At the same time and you can also request a blackhead removal when you visit a spa or a salon. Facials leave an afterglow and make your skin look healthier.


7. Go easy on the make up

Spring is a time for freshness, on the face and around it, so let go of all the excessive makeup. Keep it light and simple and work your charm with great skin instead. Not only does excessive makeup look out of place in the spring, but it also clogs the pores, thus making it difficult for the skin to breathe. You don’t have to go sans makeup. Just remember to keep it light and simple.


8. Swap heavy face creams for lighter moisturizers and lotions

Heavy creams and moisturizers are a thing of the winter. Welcome the spring by swapping them for light, non-greasy moisturizers, night creams and body lotions. You can also apply a face mask that suits your skin type to keep your skin light, soft and non-greasy.


9. Have a healthy diet

A healthy diet plays a crucial role in the upkeep of your skin irrespective of the season, which is why it is a part of every skincare regime. What goes on in your stomach reflects on your face. If your digestive system hasn’t been working properly, start eating food rich in nutrients and avoid junk food.


10. Steam twice a week

Even though you shouldn’t try to remove blackheads on your own, you can still steam your face at home. Steaming will open up the closed pores and help to remove all the dirt stuck in them.

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Last article update: 3/22/2019