What Food Can Boost a Bad Mood?

what food can boost a bad mood

Having a grouchy morning? Are you experiencing stress almost every day? Having a tough decision-making job? Many of us crave for certain food when feeling sad, anxious or depressed, and, although being an emotional eater is not good at all, for those who are having a tough time changing this habit, it is good to know that there are healthier foods on the menu.

What can we eat for better mood? Here is the list of the food that can change the way we feel.


Apple with Peanut Butter for Cranky People

How can we recognize a cranky person? The first place one can experience crankiness is at the office or generally at working place. Cranky persons are infectious, and their frequent emotional outburst and subtle mental harassments can drain the joy out of you.

The first step in battling this bad mood is the ability to recognize it, and once you do it, the battle in fact has just started. It is easier to deal with cranky persons, than to deal with your own crankiness, right? Then, what can we do? We are lucky to have certain food that can help us fight this unpleasant emotional state. Why? Crankiness is the sign that our body needs additional fuel. The best fuel is the combination of carbohydrates with either protein or fat. Carbohydrates burn quickly, and proteins and fat cause the sugar level to remain stable.  Apples are healthy carbohydrates, while peanut butter is a healthy fat.

Combine these two, and feel the energy that lasts for hours.


apples for cranky


Green tea for Angry People

Anger is a very serious problem. It can trigger easily and have long-lasting consequences, both in mental and physical sphere. Angry people are dangerous and unpredictable. The reasons for sudden anger (although the anger is not necessarily sudden) vary – the neighbor’s dog barked all night long, the traffic jam, flight cancelation, life threatening situations, whatever the reason is, if you need to calm down fast, green tea is your best choice. Green tea is a very powerful beverage, it contains theanine, a compound that helps you calm down and maintain focus and concentration. Although the green tea has a certain amount of caffeine, the caffeine will not backfire and create angry rage.