Gift From Nature: Tea Tree Oil

Melaleuca - tea tree

The beautiful land of Australia gave us a plant called Melaleuca alternifolia, while Aborigines uncovered the secret behind this plant, showing us its healing characteristics and benefits. When squeezed, the leaves of Melaleuca produce essential oil called tea tree oil or Melaleuca oil. Today, this oil is a famous natural medicine that is necessary for everyone due to its tremendous multiple purposes. Moreover, many aroma therapists and herbalists have stressed the importance of this oil making it a must in every home.


Roots of Tea Tree Oil

This oil, that is nearly colorless, has been used widely as a remedy for coughs and colds by the tribes of Australia. The tribes used this tea tree oil either by inhaling it for treating colds, or by sprinkling it on the wounds. In the 1920s and 1930s, the science confirmed the significance of this plant. Arthur de Ramon Penfold (1890-1980), a chemist and museum director, published a series of scientific papers in 1922 introducing the tee tree oil to the world. Those reports explained antibacterial and antimicrobial nature of Melaleuca, explaining that this oil is 13 times more powerful than Carbolic acid for killing bacteria and fungi, yet not harmful in any way for the skin. Soon after the research was published, tee tree oil became very popular in other countries and remained a popular natural medicine until then.


Multiple Usage of Tee Tree Oil


Cleaning purpose

Tee tree oil is an important part of sanitary products. It can be used as a stain remover from clothes or linoleum floors, as well as a cleaner for windows and kitchen surfaces. If you want to prevent soap buildup, you can also use tea tree oil for it. Just by adding two teaspoons of tea tree oil to a laundry during the washing, you will have an excellent laundry freshener.


Cosmetic purpose

Cosmetic industry also discovered the power of this oil and has been using tea tree oil frequently in manicure and pedicure treatments. Many products for skin and hair are made from Melaleuca oil.


Health purpose

Most important usage of tea tree oil is related to health. Tee tree oil is antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-viral, therefore it can be used to treat skin infections and symptoms of flu, colds and cough. To be more precise, this oil treats acne, eczema, Athlete’s Foot, yeast infections, psoriasis, and fungal infection of the toenails, dandruff, and head lice. In the aromatherapy, this oil offers a specific relaxing and therapeutic treatment. As an antiseptic, tee tree oil treats cuts and burns.