Don’t Panic: Last Minute Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day!

last minute gift ideas for valentine’s day


Last-minute shoppers are not people who do not carefully think about gifts, they happen to shop at the last minute. Although there are many reasons one should avoid stressful shopping for Valentine’s Day, many people are just there, standing on the door of a shop that is going to close in five minutes.
However,  since gift can tell a lot about a giver, there are some great ideas on the list below that everyone can consider buying or creating.



No one can say no to this gift. Chocolate is, as you know, an aphrodisiac, and if you put your creativity into it, you can design a perfect package and write a perfect note. There are chocolate hearts, chocolate desserts, chocolate gift boxes, truffles, chocolate delights, name it.

Chocolate as a gift has a tradition, and chocolate as a gift is given to a special person. Some may see food gifts as generic, and cheap, however, chocolate gift with your personal note is a great gift if one is dating a genuine foodie.



Giving perfume means you know your special person. Perfume is probably the most personal gift because every person chooses a unique scent. There are some things you need to take into account when buying a perfume.

Firstly, if you are not sure, opt for fresh scents because light and fresh scents are mostly loved as opposed to heavy scents. Secondly, do not buy a perfume you like just because one may think you would want to change his or her taste. Thirdly, if you are not sure, it is better if you choose something else, because perfume is not a cheap gift. Nevertheless, perfume can be a perfect gift.



For a tech lover, the gadget can be a great idea. You can choose so many things: electronic organizers, video games, iPhones, Smartphones, cameras, helpful devices, funny and not so useful devices, and more.

Gadgets are also expensive, so make sure you pick a gift that would make her or his life better and easier. What you need to take into account is that this perfect gift has to fit a person’s lifestyle. So, do not buy your special person a great digital camera because you saw it on sale if he or she does not love to take pictures or create videos.


Couple gifts

These gifts are little reminders of your love. These gifts symbolize the perfect match. You can opt for we belong together coffee mugs, or the glove of love, custom couple T-shirts or some other personalized gift.


DIY gifts

This may not be a last-minute gift, but if you have planned a romantic dinner, picnic, or movie night, and any other happening where you can show your creative cooking skills, it is a perfect gift.

There are great recipes you can find to prepare a perfect cookie, or a perfect cocktail to spice up the atmosphere, a chocolate dessert, or to organize a delicious party for two.


Cupid’s Arrows

There is also one more great idea I have to share it with you.

In case you want to make Cupid’s Arrows, this is what you need:

  • Pretzel sticks
  • Heart-shaped gumdrops
  • Toothpicks
  • Cellophane bags
  • Card stock
  • Stapler

To make an arrow, insert the end of a tiny pretzel stick into the top of gumdrops for each arrow. Then cut the top from a second heart gumdrop, make a hole with a toothpick, and insert the other end of the pretzel into the bottom. Use a small cellophane bag and fold over the top. Write your message on a folded card stock label and stable the label over the top of the bag.

There you go, a fast and creative gift of love!

Remember to have fun!

Image credit: 123RF Photo Stock

Last article update: 2/6/2019