Wish To Stick To Your Diet Plan Or To Know More About Superfoods? Check These Diet And Healthy Cooking Apps!

Diet And Healthy Cooking Apps

These days more and more people are using various apps as help tools, whether to help them lose weight, count calories, prepare delicious healthy food or to have a healthy lifestyle. These are the apps you should check out in case you need some additional help with your diet plan or just in case you want to know how many calories a certain dish has.

Lose It AppOne very handy app, which is also free, is Lose It!. With this app you can automatically create a daily calorie plan that will fit you personally. What you need to do is to enter everything you eat and your daily exercise plan, and the app will display how many calories remained for you to enjoy. The best thing is that the app contains a huge database of food, and also includes a calorie counts for restaurants.


Weightboot AppWeightBot ($1.99) is a simple and easy to use app that can help you keep track of your weight. When you enter your weight on the homepage WeightBot calculates your BMI. You can also see your weight on a graph, depending on how you flip your phone (if you flip it clockwise you can see your weight on the graph, and if you flip it in the opposite direction, you can see a graph that shows you how much weight you need to lose). The funny thing is that the app can be protected by password, though it may seem strange that someone would want to know how much weight you need to lose (but you never know).


MyFitnessPalMyFitnessPal is another great app that helps you in the similar way as WeightBot, but it is free. When you add your height, weight, sex, target weight and more, the app calculate how many calories you can consume each day to meet that target. You can record those data and see later what you have consumed. It can also offer you graph on your weight loss.


RiseRise is the latest diet app that in fact is your one-on-one nutritionist. The app will help you eliminate bad habits and keep you focused on your diet goals. For a minimum cost you can have a personal nutritionist that creates a diet plan that works with your lifestyle. There are also different coaching styles from “tough love” to “super encouraging”. If you take photos of each meal, the app will help you improve your eating habits as well. The app is free, but the service is $48 a month or $15 a week, which is still cheaper than visiting a traditional nutritionist.


NutrinoNutrino is a free app that builds your personalized menu. The menu is built according to the amount of the calories you should eat on a daily basis to reach your goal. You can specify the food you like and the time you would like to eat it as well. When you enter your vital statistics, it can show you your ideal weight.


Superfood HDThose who favor super foods should have Superfood app. This free app tells us the specific information on super foods that we usually forget or do not know. For instance, how much to eat, or how to incorporate these super foods with other foods and more. The app is a guide to the benefits of super food.


How to Cook EverythingNow, let’s see the apps that could help us with cooking and healthy nutrition. If you want to improve your cooking skills, you should check out How to Cook Everything App ($9.99). With this app you will be more familiar with cooking mysteries. The app includes many recipes, illustrations, cooking ideas and menu from the cookbook of the same name. If you need help with shopping lists, then there is one more reason to start using this app.


Healthy in a Hurry AppAnother great app that will help you find recipes fast and easy is Eating Well’s Healthy in a Hurry. You can search for recipes by category, particular ingredient, and total time for preparation. You can search for 200 recipes, and with these recipes you will have no problem preparing simple meals or delicious deserts. The app also offers nutritional information for every recipe, and it’s free.


Substitutions AppThe joy of cooking comes with experimenting, however, not many people want to experiment with different food, mainly because they are not sure what ingredients can be substituted. There is an app for that, and it is called Food Substitutes ($0.99). Whether you are out of a specific ingredient, or you want to update your recipe, use this app to find the best solutions for your cooking. For those who have Apple devices, Substitutions is an app that has the same capabilities as Food Substitute.


Harvest AppOnce you are certain in your cooking skills and have more experience, it is also time to learn how to shop smart. The taste of the meal often depends on the quality and freshness of the ingredients, and if you are not sure how to choose those that are of the best quality, you can use Harvest App ($1.99). With this app you will shop smart, because it has a full directory of information about fruits and vegetables.


Fuuducate AppWhat seems to annoy many people are nutrition labels. They can be very time-consuming and confusing. With Fooducate (Free-$9.99) you will be able to improve your diet and to make healthier choices. The app will show you details about the ingredients and health values of the food. If you buy a premium plan you can also get the information on allergies, gluten and more.


Epicurious AppFood magazines are also very popular source for those who wish to consume healthy food and have a better understanding of nutrition. One of the top online magazines is Epicurious, and you can also enjoy their great Epicurious App (Free-$1.99). The app offers many popular recipes, and you can make great meals with it, fast and easy.


HealthyOut AppIf you are from NYC or plan on visiting it, you can use HealthyOut to search for the best places to dine at. Use this app to find the most fitting restaurants in the city.


Now, with these apps one will surely improve life, consume healthier food and be more joyful in the kitchen.

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