What is Rosacea?

What is Rosacea?

Have you been experiencing red patches along with acne across certain areas of your face; namely the nose, hairline, apples you the cheeks, forehead, and even down your neck to your chest? Are you in your thirty’s to sixty’s and know you are well past the age of getting pimples? Well, you are not alone. This condition is called Rosacea.

Although, not life threatening, this condition can be embarrassing and sometimes painful. In the more advanced and serious cases, the nose can become enlarged and bulbous and red, such as the famous actor Walter Matthau had. This condition can even affect the eyes, leaving them feeling red and constantly irritated as with allergies. Also, Rosacea is most often seen in women than men at three times the occurrences.


Rosacea doesn’t have to run your life – There is help

If you or a loved one is suffering with Rosacea, there are treatments available to help. If you are tired of appearing as if you have a skin rash or are embarrassed all the time, it is time to take back control of your complexion.

You can begin my seeing your dermatologist and getting confirmation and diagnosis, you indeed have Rosacea. Then, keep track of the triggers, such as certain foods, the weather, stress, heat, physical activity, medications, and any others. Keep a simple journal with the dates, times, and triggers. This way you will have a better understanding what to avoid doing and/or consuming.

Next, speak to your doctor about current treatment options, as there is no cure. The most common treatments are creams and medications. Some patients are prescribed antibiotics and steroids to reduce the symptoms of Rosacea. If the condition is also affecting the eyes, you may need steroidal eye drops as well. In addition, for severely dry and sensitive skin, you may need to be prescribed a Tetracycline.


Alternate treatment options to medications

Rosacea alternate treatment options to medications

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Many patients do not like the idea of having to take medication such as steroids long term due to the side effects. If this includes you, do not worry there are a few alternative options available for you. The most common it to undergo several rounds of laser therapy treatments. These lasers have the ability to lessen the redness by targeting the blood vessels. However, this option can cause some pain in certain people. Also, the treatments are not cheap.

The other option some Rosacea sufferers undergo is rhinophyma. This procedure is done when the condition has causes the skin to become permanently discolored and thick. The usual suspects are the nose and cheeks for this surgery. Your doctor will cut or laser away the thickened areas on the face to leave a more normal and smooth appearance.

Although, this is usually only done in patients with extreme cases or after they have been diagnosed for some time.

Never lose hope if you are dealing with Rosacea. With your doctor’s care and simple lifestyle changes, you will be able to get your condition under control. Just be sure to keep your outbreak journal so you and your dermatologist can have a better understanding of what areas to change.