Transform Your Body

transform your body

So, one day you woke up and you realized that you need to set your priorities right and get the best out of you, and then, hopefully, you started searching online for advice. We are here for you…

It is hard to change your habits both in nutrition and lifestyle. People get comfortable in their lives, they get accustomed to their weight, surround themselves with like-minded people and life goes on…you find a girlfriend/boyfriend…then you get married and the cycle of life continues.

Once I went to a beauty pageant in Washington. At home, I was considered pretty, and I have had a couple of admirers of the opposite sex. In Washington, I was invisible!

I don’t know if beautiful women of that caliber have ever surrounded you? Huge ego crush! Upon arrival, I’ve set my standards so high, that I didn’t even need will power. That is your goal, to set your criteria and we will help you with our advice.


Rule #1

Energy spent = calories burned. It’s as simple as that. Most people think that you lose weight only by exercising. That’s not true. Every step, hand lift, a smile means spending energy. When you chew gum, you spend energy, when you type, you spend energy. Use this concept to the max. Jump, run, walk, dance…anything helps.

Here’s a quick energy loss tip: When you drink cold water, your body spends energy because it needs it to lift the body temperature.

In our previous articles, we have given you advice on nutrition, on hydration and we have broken down food myths. If you haven’t read those, please do, it can be really helpful.

To sum it up, to burn calories, you need to eat as much protein as you can, avoid bad fats, be careful with carbs and run away from sugar.


Rule #2

Exercise. No excuses. Gyms now work all day, you can exercise from home, you can buy running shoes for cheap.

Our tip would be to lift weights (buy them or lift water bottles) because the lean muscle they create burns energy more than cardio exercise.


Rule #3

Sleep. Sleep is very important. Your body needs rest.

The less you sleep, the fatter you get.



Here’s what your nutrition needs to be like.


Try to eat three meals a day, and each meal you take 50 grams of carbs, 30 grams of protein and 20 grams of good fats, and add some fiber (about 10 grams).

Three meals are a minimum. If you need more, divide the given quantity into four or five meals.

Each day, you need about 300 grams of carbs, 40 grams of fiber, about 80 grams of fiber and one gram of protein per one kilo of your body weight per meal.

Don’t exercise for more than an hour. An hour before training drink coffee or tea. Caffeine lessens the pain and increases your endurance.

Drink a lot of water after the workout (drink it ice cold and burn extra energy).


Exercise Routine

The body adapts to every form of training after three weeks, so be sure to modify at least one part of your exercise routine.


Resistance training, as it is called, helps your bone density, burns twice the energy, tones your muscle, thus enhancing curves and sex appeal and it’s the best way to lose fat. The myth that it gets you fat is probably the stupidest thing ever said, but if you’re still against it, swim.


Squats are golden. They give you muscle mass, big biceps (yup, if legs get bigger, the body follows). Avoid regular bench presses, if you don’t have a trainer by your side. Instead, use weighted dips or incline presses for pecs.

All these tips require a change of attitude, because getting fit is a lifestyle change.

Experiment, not all tips apply to you.

Remember to find fun in exercising and have one cheat day when you will indulge yourself.

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