Tibetan Mushrooms as Powerful Immunity Booster

Tibetan mushrooms

There are many different species of mushrooms in the world. They are very powerful and sometimes very dangerous.

However, the “meat” of the vegetable world is very high in fiber, minerals and vitamins. Particular selenium, cooper, potassium and Vitamins B, while very low in calories.

They are very famous in Chinese, Japanese, European and Korean cuisine.

As for the medical usage, some mushrooms are used in radiation treatment and chemotherapy, whereas the other shows antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti diabetic and cardiovascular potentials.


Tibetan Mushrooms

The story about a Polish professor who managed to cure liver cancer during his stay in India is the best introduction that can present healing powers that Tibetan mushrooms possess. Moreover, he was the one who brought this mushroom in Europe.

As mushrooms in general, Tibetan mushroom also has the high nutritional content, as for the vitamins and minerals, these fungus contains vitamins A, D, and E, zinc, iron, selenium, cooper, and molybdenum.


The “History” of Kefir

Kefir has its origins from the shepherds of the Caucasus Mountains. One legend says that kefir was a gift from God and that the prophet Muhammad blessed the grains. The people were instructed on how to make kefir and were told not to share the secret with anyone because kefir would lose its “magic strength”.

Russia tells us the story of Irina Sakharova, an employee of the Blandov brothersIrina was to bewitch the Caucasian prince Bek-Mirza Barchorov and to steal the kefir grains. The prince refused to give up the grains, as well as Irina. The Blandov brothers rescued Irina, and together they brought the case against the prince to the Czar’s court. The Prince lost the case and offered Irina gold and jewels, but she insisted on kefir grains, and finally, in 1908 she was famous for bringing the first batch of kefir grains in Moscow.

Tibetan mushrooms for health

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Health Benefits of Kefir

Scientists have been fascinated with the healing characteristics of kefir, and they discovered that kefir has anti-bacterial, and antifungal effects and anti-allergic properties.

Moreover, Kefir is incredible mood transformer, because of the polysaccharide grains that have aphrodisiac properties.

Kefir can:

  • Control psoriasis and eczema
  • Enhance the immune system
  • Suspend aging cells therefore has youthful effect and influence on the skin and body cells
  • Normalize metabolism and appetite thus, influence on the weight lose
  • Restore the micro flora in digestive system
  • Lower blood sugar and normalize blood pressure
  • Relax the nervous system and improve memory and attention
  • Cure Candida, liver disease and gallbladder
  • Treat gastritis, pancreatitis, and stomach ulcers
  • Influence significantly in treatments of inflammatory diseases
  • Treat heart diseases and clean blood vessels
  • Alleviate symptoms of diarrhea and chronic constipation
  • Stop the growth of cancer cells
  • Help with depression and sleep disorders
  • Influence on the speed of the process of healing bruises
  • Decrease lactose intolerance
  • Help with irregular diets
  • Regulates the state of fatigue and boost energy
  • Completely clear the organism from heavy metals, chemical antibiotics, kidney stones, pathogen microorganisms

Although, not all of the healing properties and benefits have been scientifically proven, kefir milk surely is a tremendous living remedy.

One thing is for sure, Tibetan mushroom is without any doubt a powerful immune system booster, and it has been for centuries.

Last article update: 01/23/2019