Preparing for Lovely Holiday: How to Make This Valentine’s Day Perfect?

how to make this valentine’s day perfect


Did you know that when a person falls in love, 12 areas of the brain work together to release all those happy and euphoria-inducing chemicals, and that happens in about a fifth of a second because that’s how long it takes anyone to fall in love? Well, now you know it.

Valentine’s Day is probably the most celebrated holiday around the world. Although many of us do express and share love and appreciation every day, this holiday still makes us very excited and creates some special atmosphere.

Sometimes, though rarely, this holiday can also be stressful, mainly for those who put too much effort into organizing it, instead of truly enjoying and experiencing it.

In this article, I have decided to share my experience and thoughts on what I believe can make the best holiday in which we celebrate love.


#If you wish to have a memorable day choose to do something you have never done before

Memorable Valentine's Day
There are certain things you wish you have done before with your special person, but you didn’t, perhaps due to the lack of time, or finances, or you didn’t know if the other person would like it and enjoy it.

It does not have to be a thing or a happening that will consume much of your time, or the occasion you need to prepare in advance for weeks or months. The best thing about this idea is that both of you are doing something for the first time, and you are doing it together. One year I went bungee jumping, and it was perfect.


#If you prefer to keep it traditional, bring an element of surprise because little things make a big difference

Valentine's Day surprise
Whether you are going out or staying in, you can spice up the things easily. If in a restaurant, opt for a menu with aphrodisiacs. If at home, prepare his or her favorite meal, focus on the food and a package, or choose to make the meal together.

Enjoy an indoor picnic, play truth or dare, dance all night, be a poet, recreate your first date, experience an erotic massage, or try sexy underwear and pose as a model. Think about your special person, and you will know how to surprise her or him.


#If you want this Valentine’s Day to be the best ever, express your love in every possible way, tell it in every possible way, and keep saying it every day starting from this day

Valentine's Day best ever
Think deeply about your special person, go beyond ordinary. We often underestimate the importance of words, but the words are as important as deeds. Love is an extraordinary feeling that very few of the world’s most famous poets were ever able to describe it with words.

You can do so many things to express your love, and do not hesitate to do so.

Remember that although you need to enjoy this day and make lovely memories, you should also make every day memorable. This celebration of love should remind you that every day you should celebrate love, so do it and enjoy it.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Last article update: 2/6/2020