Mother’s Day Surprises: Show Her Love And Affection She Will Remember!

Mother's day surprises

It would be good if we celebrate Mother’s Day every day, but let’s face it, we don’t. This year, focus on showing her affection and love, and tell you mothers or wives how much you love them. Giving a present is just an additional attention!


Cinema Night with Moms!

Movies are a good choice and a safe bet when it comes to spending some time within the family. You can either opt for your mom’s favorite movie, choose a classic, or newly released. In case you are not sure which one to choose, these are some of the movies you can enjoy together. Something’s gotta give, with Jack Nicolson and Diane Keaton, a romance spiced with Keanu Reeves.

One of Ridley Scott’s best movies, Telma & Louise, a road trip across America, a bit dark sometimes, but a good adventure that in a way launched Brad Pitt into our lives. One of the great movies with comedy and action, if your mom is in action movies, is the one starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis, True Lies.

Dirty Dancing, a classic movie of the ‘80s, with Patrick Swayze, you and your mom will surely enjoy. Another romantic comedy, but this one with Tom Cruise and Rene Zellweger, Jerry Maguire, that you can enjoy together, but perhaps fast-forward some scenes if you are looking it with good old Mom. Last but not least, Tootsie, with great Dustin Hoffman, and amazing Bill Murray.


Photo or video reminiscences for Moms!

Photo albums and family videos reinforce family, and putting an effort and creativity in it, you can express your gratitude and love visually. With photo albums, you can be very creative, especially if you use photographs she hasn’t seen in a long time, or at all. Including quotes, anecdotes, tickets, is also a great way to complete those time traveling memories.

When it comes to videos, especially if you are into visual arts, you can be even more creative. If you want it to be very special, you can start recording her secretly even today, and prepare a great surprise for her this Sunday. Alternatively, you can create a family movie, asking your family to tell stories, or experience. Editing old photos will also bring a special touch to this video.


A Dinner Night with Moms!

The one thing is sure, this is a day when moms should not step into the kitchen unless if it’s a surprise dinner or party. You do not want to send her a message that this is the only one day when she can enjoy your cooking and dishes, you want to either prepare her a special meal, or her favorite dish, or perhaps take her out on a private dinner.

However, you need to be very careful not to spoil the surprise moment, so start with your preparations on time, leaving her in the dark for a while. An advice for our men: in case you opt for a private party, try to surprise her with chic restaurant, the one you know she will discuss old times.


A Weekend Getaway with Moms!

Finding out where she would most like to go, and taking here there, is something she would certainly be surprised by. The planning part is the most important, especially if you are taking her abroad, however, if you are planning a relaxing trip somewhere in the nature nearby, or even camping, if she’s into it, planning is as important as ever as well.

Think carefully about accommodations and activities, because once you arrive in her dream destination, you need a plan on how to spend quality time there as well. Supply her with many activity choices so she would not feel as if she has to follow the itinerary you planned; always have a backup plan. For long distance relations, another great option would be to send your mom on her own adventure.

You will have to do all the things she once did for you, so equip her with some latest tokens of love for the women who love to travel, those that she would need for a travel adventure.


A Spa Treatment for Moms!

What do you need to know about the massage therapy to get the most of it?

There is not a woman in the world who does not enjoy spa treatments. However, do not insist on spa as she may be reminded that she is getting old; however, get her a spa treatment if you are sure she will not see it as an unintentionally insulting present. It is great if you can go with her and spend some time together relaxing.

Do not limit your choices, perhaps your mom would more like an appointment at her favorite hair salon, a massage, or a yoga class, or even a day pass at a fancy gym. If you can enjoy some of those activities with her, do not hesitate to do so.


An Interesting Class for Moms!

Before you choose a class you can enroll her in, you do need to know her preferences. Do not go sign her up for a mother-daughter coding class if she is not a tech person that much. Does she sing or dance often? Does she enjoy gardening? Does she love photography? Moms are creative too, they just may not nurture their creative side that much due to the time or resources.

Once you know what she would love, find her a good location with small classes, where she would not be uncomfortable. Meet the instructor beforehand, to ensure that she would enjoy it and that she will learn something new and great.


A Unique Gift as a Token of Love!

Gifts are good for expressing our affection, love, and gratitude, though they can also be a not-so-special-surprise if we do not think about the special person deeply and truly. When it comes to unique gifts, focus on her personality and character. If you are going to give her a present, also make sure that it is something she needs or something she talked about.

Kitchen accessories will not surprise her unless she enjoys cooking so much. If you live in different locations, something unique and exciting from your town may be a good idea. You can also go for “little things”, though they may or may not be unique.  A book of coupons that you made yourself, in which you offer to do something for her, for instance a coupon for her favorite dish or to do a chore she does not like.

If she has old photos, scan those photos onto a disc for her, and she can share them with her friends online. Why don’t you let her sleep in and prepare breakfast or leave her a cup of coffee on her nightstand? If your mom tends to put her family ahead of her, buy her a present that she would not buy for herself, but she needs it.

Whatever you choose, give her a card. The card is a must. Personalize your message because she will remember it.


A Token of Love for Moms Who are Wives!


Do you want to surprise your wife, but you lack creative ideas? Do not worry! A candlelight dinner, even with a simple meal, she will enjoy. Arranging a lunch date is another great option, especially if she’s not expecting it! Sometimes a family picture is a great surprise, especially if you choose an interesting clothing, or prepare costumes for all of you!

A huge gift card with children’s handprint on it with paint is a great memory.  Spend some time with your kids and prepare a homemade gift for mom; this will surprise her the most.


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