How Did I Start Running? Top 5 Amazing Running Apps To Try Right Now!

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„Running is a road to self-awareness and reliance-you can push yourself to extremes and learn the harsh reality of your physical and mental limitations or coast quietly down a solitary path watching the earth spin beneath your feet.“

Doris Brown Heritage

Fitness activities and cycling were the activities I enjoyed the most, and I always used to find different excuses not to run. I didn’t use to enjoy running that much. I have never thought much about the reasons, I simply didn’t run often. A good friend introduced me into the running world, showing me the enjoyment and fulfillment of a simple run. He used to call to join him, to accompany him on a journey. In time, I have started running more often, and started exploring additional exercising tools that could help me to be more efficient and motivated.

Today, where internet technologies are an important part of our everyday life, mobile applications can be very effective and lucrative for numerous reasons. When it comes to running, and other physical activities, the fitness-related market is growing every day, and finding those perfect applications that suit your character, your needs and wishes, can be a hard task and time-consuming.

I have tried many applications while I was searching for those that suit me the best, and finally came up with a list of top 5 apps that I recommend for either beginners or experienced runners. These apps were very helpful and efficient when I started running every day, so read on to see what benefits you can have from them.


#1 Endomondo

Endomondo mobile app

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An app that is tracking everything, for those who are sport junkies.

Endomondo is not only a running app; with it, you can track your cycling, swimming, kayaking, hiking, aerobics, and even weight training. Known more as a “sports tracker”, it is a very popular app among fitness enthusiasts. One could say that this app is a personal training app.

The application will track your route on the map, and track laps to suggest fastest and slowest times, and it will create lap split times for sports like biking. You start by picking a sport, and then you can create or select a workout. During your activity, you will receive speed, distance, pace and calorie information. The app also supports wireless heart rate monitors and cycling cadence accessories. After you finish, Endomondo can upload your workout on its own site or Facebook.


#2 RunKeeper

RunKeeper mobile app

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An app for those starting to explore the benefits of running.

RunKeeper is one of the best running apps available for Android. It is a catch-all running app and it has logging features for running, weight loss and tracking your progress in general. It is also a feature-rich app, you can add friends, add routes, add music, and map your runs. With this app, it is very easy to see how many kilometers you have run every week.

Like the most running apps, you will get instant information on miles covered, calories burned, numbers of runs taken and more. It is a great asset for dedicated runners who love or need schedules and do not like skipping miles or doing the sloppy workout. One great feature is that you get motivational and inspirational quotes on the mornings when you schedule your run.



Zombies, Run! mobile app

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An app for runners who seek enjoyment and adventure. Moreover, for game lovers.

This is the most effective app for those who would prefer enjoying a little adventure. It is also perfect for those who like games and need additional motivation to run. Zombies, Run! is sort of a different app when it comes to tracking features, it is a running game. The application inputs information about zombies through your headphones. You can, or should say I need to run from them, while collecting various rewards and supplies.

The app is like running inside a zombie video game. If you do not run fast enough, you will die, of course. However, you can enjoy over 160 “missions” and those missions are both good for running inside or at the gym.

This is not the app for those of you who prefer statistics; it is for those who prefer an adventure.


#4 Map My Run

Map My Run mobile app

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An app for those runners who are especially careful about nutrition.

As the name says it, this app is all about tracking, and it does not have many features. It maps your runs, tracks your route and of course lets you add friends and compete with them (if you are a competitive person). On the other hand, this app is great for tracking your nutritional habits and comparing them with your runs. For instance, if you had a bad run, you can see what you need to change in your diet based on your running abilities.

What makes this app extraordinary is the nutrition feature. If you are a consistent person, and want to improve your overall health, then this app is one of the best options. It is good to know how much you should eat and how much you need to drink.


#5 RunOnBeat

RunOnBeat mobile app

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An app for music lovers.

This app is for those who cannot imagine running without music! Either you decide to compile your playlist choosing your favorite songs or to go with the suggested playlist according to your music style; the app synchronizes your footsteps with the beat of the songs, detecting the tempo of your run. When it detects your tempo, the app matches it with a number of beats-per-minute.

You can truly experience running with this app. Moreover, you can also experiment with different running trainings and routines according to the music you choose. The app lets you easily manage the music stored in your library and you can easily find running partners by checking out who is in the neighborhood.

With these apps, one can have fun, and truly enjoy running every day. Why?  Because “if you train your mind for running, everything else will be easy”, as Amby Burfoot said.

Do you have favorite running apps?

Feel free to share your experience and add suggestions in the comments below.