10 Facts about Hair Extensions That’ll Convince You to Get Them

10 fun facts about hair extensions that’ll convince you to get them

Are you on the fence about whether hair extensions are the right choice for you? We’ve gathered 10 facts that will convince you that hair extension are the best hair accessory.

We all know that hair can be very forgiving of the things that we put it through. Whether going too short with a cut or bleaching or coloring to the point that it fries your hair, you’ll find that extensions allow you the opportunity to take your hair and styling experiments to the next level.


1. No more haircut regret

It can happen to all of us. Even with your clear instructions, your stylist goes too short. You no longer need to wait for your hair to grow out to be happy with what you see in the mirror when you style your hair for your day.

Extensions can offer you the ability to restore that missing length in just a few moments in the stylist chair.


2. No more frying hair for highlights

Have you fried your hair after getting highlights? If you want to experiment with different colors, without risking your hair, you’ll love the versatility that extensions can offer you. You can play around with a range of colors until you find the perfect one for you.

hair extensions instead highlights

You can even try out the bored trend that you may have been too nervous to consider previously. Highlights and lowlights can also be possible, without risking damage to your natural hair.


3. No more lifeless thin hairstyles

One of the best benefits of hair extensions is the added volume that they can bring to your hair. Whether your hair has thinned due to illness or overuse of chemicals, you’ll appreciate the way that extensions can instantly restore that volume you’ve been missing.

You can take quick research about the differences that can be possible with extensions by browsing stylist’s websites or even heading on over to Pinterest.


4. No more hum drum hair for special events

Are you getting married soon? Are you attending the wedding? Whether you’re attending the event or you’re the star of the show, you’ll love the way that hair extensions can allow you to change up your usual hairstyle into something truly memorable. Gone are the days where you needed to work with what you had.

Extensions give you more length and volume so that you can achieve the hairstyles that you’ve long been dreaming of.


5. No more lacking in confidence

Whether we like to admit it or not, the way that our hair looks can have a sharp impact on our levels of confidence. When you can work with a range of new looks that are entirely your own, you’ll soon see a boost in your confidence.

Longer lush locks that have that volume you’ve been missing can make you feel much more like yourself.


6. No more worrying about unnatural looks

Long gone are the days of needing to work with synthetic extensions that looked and felt synthetic. Today’s extensions look natural, feel natural and often are natural.


Human hair extensions look just like your hair once they are set in place. No one will be able to tell that you are wearing extensions to achieve your perfect style. For all details, visit the next page.


7. No more hours in stylist chairs

One of the absolute best parts about hair extensions is that they are so simple and easy to set in place.

no more hours in stylist chairs - hair extensions

Clip-in extensions can be clipped in place in just seconds. Sewn-in, taped-in, or glued-in extensions will take a bit more time, but once they’re in, they’re in. In less time than it takes to get lunch on your break from work, you’ll have a transformed look that you’ll love.


8. No more looking older than your years

Long and healthy hair can turn back the clock for all of us. As we get older, our hair can thin or take on a dull and lackluster look.

Hair extensions offer a fun and flirty way to restore a youthful look that you’ll appreciate every time that you look in the mirror.


9. No more relying on wigs

Our grandmothers didn’t have it as good as we do. They needed to rely on wigs if they wanted to add length or volume to their hair. Wigs are not only uncomfortable and itchy to wear, but they don’t offer the same type of versatility that can be experienced with extensions.


10. No more worries about permanence

Your stylist in a quick appointment can remove hair extensions that are considered to be semi-permanent. Take advantage of the versatility of your extensions, whether they are clip-ins or the more semi-permanent option, and get the right looks you want when you want them.

Don’t feel like long locks today? Don’t wear your extensions today. Have an event coming up? Get the extensions put back in and you’re ready to hit the dance floor.
Still undecided? Perhaps opt for clip-in extensions, as they are a more affordable option that will allow you to experiment with the versatility that they can offer your look.

Image credit: EH Hair & Extensions, DepositPhotos.com