Grannies Knew the Best – Home Remedies for Common Problems

home remedies for common health issues

The oldest natural home remedies can help us greatly when dealing with common health problems. Therefore, let us see how we can help ourselves the best.


How can we relive nausea?

GINGER is the ancient remedy used to treat upset stomach and indigestion. This herb has a long history of usage for relieving morning sickness, motion sickness, and food poisoning. Homemade ginger snaps and ginger tea is the best way to treat nausea quickly and efficiently.

Ginger - Grannies Knew the Best – Home Remedies for Common Problems

Ginger is a catalyst herb, the herb that enhances the effectiveness of all other herbs.

To make a tea (for 4 cups) you will need a 2-inch piece of fresh ginger root, and honey and lemon slice, to taste. Peel the ginger, and slice the root. Once the water is boiling, add the ginger, and let it simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Strain the tea. Sweeteners are not recommended if you are making ginger tea during cold and flu season.


Can we stop the nightmares?

When having nightmares, we are, in fact, fighting our fears. Since time is our best friend, we do sometimes need natural remedies to help us ease the nervous system and reduce anxiety.

ANGELICA is related to one of the most respected female tonics in traditional Chinese medicine, Dong Quai. As a tonic, angelica can calm the nervous system and improve mental harmony. One can also use angelica essential oil.

HOPS is another plant used for calming the nervous system and overcoming insomnia. One can moisten the hops with alcohol to release the medicinal value. One should use it only for a short period.



How can we treat sinuses with home remedies?

Known as a powerful antioxidant, GARLIC has excellent curative and preventative properties. Rich in natural antibiotics, garlic is lucrative against infection, inflammation, flu, and similar conditions. Its power stems from the ability to combat infections and kill bacteria that might be resistant to other antibiotics and medications.

Garlic - Grannies Knew the Best – Home Remedies for Common Problems

Garlic stimulates healthy cell growth and activity, and it has rejuvenated effect on all body functions.

Eating raw garlic is the best natural remedy for sinus infection.


What are natural remedies that relieve stress?

GINSENG, the King of the herbs in Orient, has been used for centuries in China and Russia due to its incredible health benefits. There are many types of this plant, and every one of them has different medicinal properties.

Panax ginseng is the best for stress relief, although Siberian ginseng is also very helpful and has potent calming effects on the mind and the body.

Generally, ginseng has great power to clear minds, reduce stressful feelings, and help with insomnia.  Ginseng tea has bitter taste thus, it is often blended with other herbs.

LAVENDER is a powerful stress reliever. Lavender’s incredible scent has relaxing properties as well. Thus many use lavender essential oil for tension headaches, stress relief, and nervous exhaustion.

Lavander - Grannies Knew the Best – Home Remedies for Common Problems

SKULLCAP can relax muscles, reduce muscle spasm and headaches and calm nerves. This tea is very popular for bringing down the irritability associated with Premenstrual Syndrome.


How can we ease the toothache with home remedies?

ANISE OIL is a powerful antiseptic and pain reliever. It has a licorice-like taste and it is very popular amongst children. Anise oil can numb the gums and it can immediately alleviate the pain if applied directly above the sore tooth.


Studies are showing that even fresh crushed anise can be used as a remedy against toothache.

WILLOW BARK has been used as a remedy for pain in ancient Egypt and Greece. Its power is similar to aspirin. Thus it is very effective against different pains in the body.

Due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities, willow bark is used to treat toothache. All you have to do is to chew on a small piece of White Willow Bark. You can also rub its powder on the affected area.

Alternatively, brew tea from willow bark and drink it. For inflamed gums, gargling with the tea every night before going to bed can have great benefits.


How can we improve digestion?

CARAWAY is an herb with great secrets – according to the legend caraway could prevent the thieves from stealing any objects that contained caraway seeds in them.

Another legend tells that caraway could keep the lovers together and prevent the loss of interest in one another.

As for health benefits, caraway is known as a remedy for digestive problems. Caraway tea and oil relieve spasms in the stomach and intestines. Caraway oil is usually in combination with peppermint oil.

COMFREY was a popular remedy for setting bone fractures in Ancient Greece and Rome. Tea made from leaves and roots offers other health benefits of which the most beneficial is the digestive aid. Greeks used tea for gastrointestinal problems, such as heartburn and abdominal discomfort.


To make a tea, boil two teaspoons of dried infusion (leaves and root) in 2 cups of water for 5 minutes. If you are using fresh comfrey, a quarter of the cup is the exact measurement.

PEPPERMINT is a popular remedy for different ailments. Tea made from dried leaves has calming and numbing properties that can relieve discomfort from indigestion, heartburn, gases, and flatulence.

To make a tea, you need a teaspoon of dried peppermint per cup of water. Add peppermint leaves to boiling water and leave it to steep for 10 minutes. Four to five cups is a daily recommendation.


What herbs can boost energy?

Traditional Chinese medicine and conventional medicine of India used GOTU KOLA to heal skin conditions, and treat asthma, fever and stomach ulcers.

Today, gotu kola is a well-known remedy for anxiety and depression. This herb increases mental and physical strength, relieve stress, and improve reflexes.

Studies showed that gotu kola has the energizing effect on the brain that helps overcome mental fatigue and support a memory function.

Some studies showed that gotu kola can enhance concentration and intelligence.

gotu kola

To make a tea, steep one teaspoon of dried gotu kola leaves in a cup of boiling water. The tea does not have a distinct taste or smell, so many people choose to add sugar or honey. However, if you are using it for health benefits, avoid sweeteners.  Gotu Kola tea before bed will help induce deep and restful sleep.

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