10 Efficient Ways To Lose Weight On Your Face

Efficient Ways To Lose Weight From Your Face

We all know that occasional puffiness from water retention or too much alcohol will go away in a day, but double chin or puffy cheeks won’t, not that easily, at least. We all know that our face is the first thing other people notice, and there are those among us who may feel uncomfortable because of puffy cheeks.

People respond to physical appearance; the face doesn’t only reflect our health or present our physical beauty, it tells much more about a person as well. On the other hand, judging a person by its appearance is utterly wrong, however the truth is that in those 10 to 15 seconds when we meet a new person, we judge about someone’s personality, first and foremost, by his or hers face.

Unfortunately, some people are genetically predisposed to chubbier cheeks and thicker necks. Still, anyone who knows the proper techniques and methods can lose weight in their face. The change of a few pounds can make a huge change and have great effect on one’s cheeks, long before one starts losing weight in other parts of the body.


Why some people gain facial fat when they are slim or have trim body?

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It can happen, and the reasons are numerous including dehydration, anemia, and alcoholism, lack of good nutrition, and even allergic reactions and soft facial muscles. Our body also has a natural tendency to retain water, which can also enhance facial fat.

The truth is that the face is the most susceptible to weight gain and it is somewhat impossible to target to lose weight from specific parts of the body, but for most people who start a diet or simply change their nutrition and habits, the first results are usually seen in the face.

So, what is the easiest and fastest way to lose weight on your face?

One must make wise nutritional choices.

Although many believe that undergoing a strict diet plan, which will affect losing weight in general, is the best method to address the problem with facial fat, however, many would also disagree. One doesn’t need to stick to a strict diet plan, one only needs to change eating habits and improve daily nutrition.

Sugar and salt contain high level of sodium, which increases the accumulation of fat and water retention.

When one consumes refined carbohydrates more that he or she needs, the result will be the puffiness of the face. The same refers to uncooked salt. By cutting down on sugar and salt (also street foods because you do not know how much sugar and salt the food has) and including more minerals and vitamins (particularly vitamin C) is the first step. Salads and greens, and juicy fruits rich in antioxidants will be able to satisfy the body with essential nutrients we need, and to help lose weight in the face.

Caffeinated beverages should also be excluded, or minimized on a daily base. Organic tea is a great substitute for aerated drinks and beverages with artificial sweeteners. When we don’t drink enough water, body retains it, and the water is giving way to puffiness. To lose the puffiness, one needs to keep the body hydrated. Drinking a lot of water will also improve skin’s health and circulation.

exercise for face weight loss

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Keeping the body active and energized is necessary.

Facial yoga is good for jaw line and chin; in general, face exercises are helping tone the muscles in the face, which in turn burns fat.

One can for instance, exercise the cheeks by smiling the widest smile, but pushing the cheeks down with the fingers of each hand.

Exercise for the neck includes tilting your head back to look at the ceiling, while relaxing your lips and holding it for 10 seconds (10 times a day).

To exercise the chin, tilt back your head and gaze at the sky, and hold it for 20 seconds.

To exercise the areas around your eyes, close your eyes gently, and look down and up; repeat it several times. One more exercise includes lying on your bed with your eyes wide open, raising your eyebrows as high as you can.

Overall, exercising your whole body will help lose weight in your face, of course.  Running, swimming and biking are great choices.