How To Quickly Boost Your Energy (And It’s Not Coffee)? The Benefits of Ear Massage

ear massage benefits - How To Quickly Boost Your Energy - And It’s Not Coffee

Are you always feeling tired? How do you energize your body and mind? With another cup of coffee, perhaps? With (dried) fruits or refreshing drinks? Ideally, with music? As long as it is a healthy habit, it will work well for you.

If it’s not healthy? Well, we all know the answer to that question.

The body tends to create resistance towards caffeine, for instance, and if you are consuming large doses of coffee, it will begin to lose its boosting effect. Moreover, sometimes we cannot find the perfect song to move us, and other times we are focused on our work that we even forget to eat.

Have you tried an alternative way to get your mind and body back on track?

Ear massage offers numerous benefits to all of us who wish to stay focused and relaxed most of the time during the day, especially a busy one.


So, what is ear massage?

How To Quickly Boost Your Energy - And It’s Not Coffe
Hands, feet and ears are maps of the entire body. In Chinese medicine, you can find detailed description and drawings of those parts of the body that are mapped in either, hands, feet or ears. Once you learn which part of a hand or ear match with a body part or organ, you can apply light pressure and massage those pressure points.



Ear massage or auricular acupuncture appears to be a very effective and fast way to increase the energy, reduce the stress levels and relieve the headache pain or pressure.

Applying pressure to certain parts of the ear helps invigorate the entire body; pressure activates and stimulates acupuncture meridians, that is, energy pathways. Massaging those parts of the ear gets the energy flowing through the body.

One can treat illnesses and medical conditions with either auricular acupuncture or auriculotherapy, a practice that involves medical specialists to asses, determine the appropriate therapy and alleviate pathological conditions.


What’s in it for me, you may ask? You can learn to do it yourself, easily

The ear represents a microsystem of the entire body, mapped in details to reflect the whole human body. This auricular microsystem treats health conditions that affect all parts of the body, whether those associated with a face or disorders related to the abdomen, chest, feet, or lower back. When you are stimulating the external part of the ear, for instance, the nerves from the ear connect to the brain (reflex center) and send neurological reflex pathways to the spinal cord. From there, neurons are reaching distant parts of the body.

Moreover; the ear is connected to every part of the body because of the ceaseless circulation of energy and blood through these meridians and vessels. The ear joins with the body to form unified, inseparable whole”, as explained in Auriculotherapy Manual: Chinese and Western Systems of Ear Acupuncture.


What can you get with ear massage practice?

How To Quickly Boost Your Energy - And It’s Not Coffee


#1 Ear massage activates body energy

Traditional Chinese and Indian medicine is deeply rooted in the idea of energy pathways and energy that go through our bodies into our aura. Our body consists of energy as well. We can stimulate those energy channels if we know where to put a needle or which part of the body, that is, usually hands, feet and ear, to massage. When you activate energy meridians, the energy will start flowing through the body; physically, one will experience improved circulation, warmth, even tingling, depending on how sensitive a person is. Mentally, one will experience relaxation, mediation-like sensations and most importantly, improved mental strength and energy. Self-ear massage is even more beneficial if you are tired, exhausted and absent-minded; it will bring back alertness, clarity and focus, and improve memory.


The most important question is – How can you learn ear massage?

All you have to do is pinch the rim of each ear between your thumb and pointer finger. Rub it up and down for 10 to 30 seconds. Applying pressure to the outer rim will energize your body. Breath slowly and deeply while doing the massage; it is additional help for reducing the stress and anxiety. Massage your ears firmly several times a day.

To relieve the pain of a particular organ, you will have to learn which point on the ear corresponds to which organ. The same approach is related to aches and pains; for instance, the lobe is for face and head. It will take time to remember all the points, however, in the beginning, focus on the points and organs that you may have problems with, and practice will make you better. See the picture below.

acupressure points on face

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#2 Ear massage activates natural painkillers in the body

It is found that ear massage triggers the release of endorphins, natural painkillers of the body. However, the body does not only feel the relief from pain but rather heals as well. The effects of reduced or completely removed pain you will feel immediately. However, studies have shown that internal healing process in the body also happens. Ear acupuncture and auriculotherapy affect deeper physiological changes by triggering the natural healing process of the body. Healing with ear massage and auriculotherapy is widely used by chiropractic doctors, dentists, reflexologists, psychotherapists, osteopathic doctors, and medical doctors.


#3 Ear massage can reduce smoking cravings

Auriculotherapy and ear massage are useful in reducing smoke cravings. The drug detoxification treatments are focused on the area of the ear called concha, that is, the bowl-shaped part of the external ear, which is nearest to the ear canal. Concha corresponds to the autonomic nervous system and enhances relaxation, while the release of endorphins improves mood and brings more balance. If you are more into this subject, read an article Smoking Craving are reduced by Self-Massage.


#4 Ear massage aids in weight loss

Ear massage is one of those magical tricks for losing a few pounds efficiently. One study in particular researched the effects of auricular acupuncture related to weight loss. In December 2013, a small study published in Acupuncture in Medicine concluded that ear acupuncture affects reducing the abdominal fat. For better results, researchers will have to do more work. However, the results collected by now have shown great potential.

Several more studies were researching the effects of ear acupuncture related to insomnia and preoperative anxiety and showed good results as well.
As you can see, there is an easy way to energize both your body and mind. Without a doubt, you will find more benefits of it if you keep researching ear acupuncture or auriculotherapy. Check out the books listed below.

Try it out because it works miraculously, and feel free to share your experience with us.

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Last article update: 01/29/2019