Don’t Stress Out on Black Friday: An A-to-Z Guide to Smart and Stress-Free Shopping

black Friday stress management

Are you prepared for the busiest shopping day of the year? How many of you have been buying things they do not need or would not use? Have you ever spent money you have not earned yet?  Are you feeling nervous when you think about waiting in those long lines outside?

Why have I asked you these questions? Apart from being the busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday is the most stressful one. Many studies showed that stress is one the most common causes for many illnesses and health problems. Most of us lead a stressful life, unable to relive the stress and fight it.

The prolonged stress is the most dangerous, and sometimes even the so called “small stress” regarding one particular situation can cause chaos in the organism. Stress can increase heart rate and cholesterol levels, and elevate blood pressure.

On the other hand, shopping on Black Friday can be very stressful as well, thus you need to be prepared to avoid situations that can trigger stress.

If you want to be a smart buyer, you need to follow some rules, luckily these rules are in fact new shopping habits you need to develop and use. These rules will help you avoid stress.

Although some think that more people will start shopping on Thanksgiving Day, many still prefer Black Friday. Whatever your choice is, the first thing you need to do is take the day off work. In recent years, some retailers started the Black Friday on Thanksgiving eve, and some even the week before.

black friday shopping guide
The second most important thing is to make a shopping list and to check it twice. Your first list might include the things that you do not need and that you might not buy if you just had more time to think.

You need to check the list again to scratch off the products you have been attracted to just because of a great marketing strategy. This list will benefit you enormously, and it will help you avoid impulse purchases.

When compiling a list you need to think about four things:

•  If you are buying gifts, and you know what someone wishes for, do not substitute one product for another (for instance, if someone wishes for an iPad, do not buy them something similar).  Brands are important, but it is not only about brands, the gift also tells the person how much you think about her or him, and how much effort you put into choosing the right present. Standing in long lines to buy and then return the gift is pretty much tiring and frustrating.

•  When compiling a list think about the money you planned on spending for the presents.

•  Remember that you need to research, and you can do it easily – just search online for the prices and products.

•  Make your list on time, do not make it two or three days before.