Common Summer Skin Problems

common summer skin problems

Summer is that glorious time of the year when you wear spaghetti straps and sundresses. For many women, summer is the period when unsightly skin issues occur. Many of them are difficult to conceal, but there is help for summer skin woes.

Summer Rashes

Summer is the time where you must listen to the experts and apply sunscreen. The use of sunscreen not only helps avoid sunburn but lessens the aging process from sun damage. Some women will develop a skin rash called Melasma. This rash occurs on the face due to sun exposure and is most prevalent in pregnant women or those on women on birth control. Applying sunscreen with a minimum of 30 SPF is crucial.

summer rashes - common summer skin problems

A rash called Tinea Versicolor or commonly referred to as a “summer rash” occurring in the hot summer months. Summer rash is a fungal infection caused by yeast. The rash has a scaly and the dark splotchy looking appearance. If you suffer from a summer rash, use a dandruff shampoo on the affected skin to remedy the condition. You should notice an improvement in a matter of days.

Rosacea sufferers often have flare-ups in the summer months. Rosacea is a skin rash that looks blushing or a slight sunburn to the face and neck. Stay as cool as possible to avoid a flare-up and stay out of the sun during the heat of the day if possible. Zinc-based sunscreens seem to be the most effective for Rosacea. Consult with your physician for possible remedies or medications that will minimize the outbreaks.

Contact dermatitis is a reaction to plants like poison ivy or oak. A red and itchy rash will appear a few days after contact. The best way to avoid contact dermatitis is to learn what the plants look like and to cover your arms and hands while gardening or hiking. Your physician will be able to prescribe a medication to relieve the itchiness and remedy the rash.

An Intertrigo rash is caused by sweating and occurs in the crevices of the skin when you sweat. The most common locations are underarms, behind the knees and between your breasts. Liberally dash powder in those areas to avoid sweat related Intertrigo. If you have developed Intertrigo, the use of a dandruff shampoo or anti-fungal lotion will eliminate the rash.



Back or chest acne will present a problem is the summer months. If you suffer from this form of acne, wear natural clothing and keep your skin as clean and dry as possible. Applying a good acne product on the affected area daily will help reduce and eliminate acne. Avoid oily sunscreens. Oil-based sunscreens will exasperate the problem.


Razor Burn

razor burn - common summer skin problems

Razor burn is a painful and a bumpy looking rash that is caused by shaving delicate skin in the bikini and underarm areas. The best way to avoid razor burn is to use new razors and shaving cream or gel with every shave. If razor burns occur, apply an aloe lotion to reduce the pain and soothe the skin.


Last article update: 6/18/2019