Bitter Melon – Essential Remedy for Diabetes

Bitter Melon

Health Benefits of Bitter Melon


According to many researches, bitter gourd regulates the level of blood sugar. Charantin, lectin and polypeptide –P are responsible for lowering blood sugar. Due to these compounds, bitter melon also purifies the blood and is used widely for blood poisoning. One must keep in mind that treating diabetes with bitter gourd demands forbids other sugar-lowering medicaments. Indigenous tribes of Amazon have used leaves of this plant to prepare a medicinal tea to treat diabetes, but also to heal skin sores and wounds.

Weight loss

Being very rich in vitamins and minerals, bitter melon also aid liver and its cells. It stimulates liver for secretion of bile juice. These juices are essential for metabolism of fats. Due to the cellulose, bitter melon also prevents constipation and is a good digestive agent.

Cardiovascular system

Several respiratory conditions can be treated with bitter melon, such as asthma, rhinitis, bronchitis and pharygitis. For treating asthma, one should prepare fresh bitter melon juice and mix it with a cup of honey diluted in water. Drinking this on a daily bases can help you with asthma, as well as bronchitis.


Eating bitter melon or drinking bitter melon tea has a positive impact on ridding the bloodstream of fungal infections. Researchers have proven that bitter melon is beneficial for ringworm and scabies. Additionally, bitter melon showed good results in skin protection, in particular skin itching. It can also help with ache, psoriasis and eczema.


The juice made from bitter melon has been a powerful remedy for this painful condition. One can also use bitter melon roots to make a paste for external application in order to reduce inflammation.


Many researches have been done recently relating to possible benefits in treating cancer, in particular prostate cancer. Although, some benefits have been proven, the researchers still have to offer stronger conclusions and studies.

Side Effects of Bitter Melon

When used short-term, bitter melon is safe for adults. However, seed may be toxic and can lead to vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea and even death. Other side effects include liver infection and spontaneous abortion; therefore, pregnant women should avoid bitter melon. There are no regulations and recommendation about the daily intake of bitter melon.


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Image credit: dole / 123RF Stock Photo