Best Hair Oils – How to Treat Your Hair Properly – Part I – Essential Oils for Normal Hair

essential oils for normal hair

How can you have shiny and healthy hair? Surely, we all want it, but how do we get the desirable results? Before we look at some of the most efficient hair oils, let us first emphasize some of the problems we also encounter.

Beneficial nutrients from various foods are extremely important for our optimal health, which means they are also very important for our hair. All the necessary vitamins (especially vitamin E, A, and C) and minerals we can receive from fresh and raw fruits and vegetables.  Everybody should keep in mind that good and regular nutrition can help us have the hair we desire.

On the other hand, the way your hair looks also depends on the cosmetic products you use (synthetic shampoos, conditioners, gels, etc.). We need to choose carefully what we use for our hair. Some of the products in fact contain synthetic materials that can damage our hair seriously (dandruff and other scalp problems, hair thickness, and hair loss). Be very cautious with cosmetic products.

It is important to mention that the things we do (using hair dryer, swimming in chlorinated pools etc.) also affect our hair.

When talking about healthy hair it is also important to consider the quality of our shower water. There are substances in water that can be very harmful for our hair, such as fluoride, chlorine, iron oxides, and other.

What is good for our body is also good for our hair, thus peaceful sleep for no less than eight hours is mandatory.

Last of the things one must consider is daily stress. Stress can endanger our immune system in general and have serious consequences on the hair.

Now, let us look at various fabulous hair oils that can do miracles.