Are You A Beer Lover? Here are 8 Reasons Why To Become One

After you read about beer health benefits, your negative perception (if) about this famous drink will be forever lost. Let’s get into this common drink, disliked among many and still favorite among many more. You have definitely heard that beer damages kidneys, liver, dehydrates body and slows down motor skills.

All this is quite true, but if you intake small amounts of this famous alcoholic beverage, you could benefit from it. What happens is that brewer’s yeast in beer is rich in chromium, which regulates blood sugar levels, protein, selenium, potassium, iron, zinc, and magnesium. It also acts as a probiotic aiding digestion.

However, you should always be aware of the side effects of brewer’s yeast, which are generally mild. The most common are excess gas, bloating, and migraine-like headaches – it does remind of the side effects of drinking too much beer, doesn’t it?


#1. Beer as antioxidant.

Due to the brewer’s yeast in it, beer is full of vitamins B. One of them, riboflavin B2, fights free radicals preventing early ageing and heart diseases. It is also important in red blood cells production. Of course, besides in beer, you can look for this vitamin in milk, yoghurt, brussels sprouts and spinach.


#2. Beer as immune system booster.

Another B vitamin, B1, called thiamine, helps in creating new and healthy body cells. It also has a great ability to protect the immune system. Other than in beer, you can get it from whole grains, peanuts, beans, spinach and kale.
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#3. Beer lowers bad cholesterol.

Niacin or B3 vitamin is used for boosting the good cholesterol, which in turn lowers down the ratio of bad cholesterol. Red meat, milk and beans will also be a good source of B3 vitamin.


#4. Beer improves sleep.

If you suffer from insomnia, beer can get you through it. Vitamin B6, pyridoxine, has a major role in serotonin, melatonin and norepinephrine production. These are stress hormones, greatly affecting mood.

Researchers at the University of Montreal have found that two glasses of beer a day can reduce work-related stress or anxiety. If you dislike alcohol or you find beer to bitter, you can have the same effect from eating chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon, cheese and carrots.