All You Ever Needed To Know About Nutrition

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Your nutrition can be divided into two categories: what you EAT and what you DRINK. Although many nutritionists use terms such as carbs, proteins, calories…we will stick to the basics to give our advice.

When you eat, you eat:
• Meat
• Fruit
• Vegetables
• Grains

When you drink, you drink:
• Coffee
• Tea
• Alcohol
• Milk
• Water

And that’s it. The very basics.
So here is our advice.


You probably think that you have heard all there is about water, including the famous eight glasses per day. You haven’t. Did you know that you can actually drink too much water? It’s called Hyponatremia and is a serious condition when the excess of water basically flushes out all the potassium and sodium out of the body. Most people don’t have to worry about hyponatremia because they don’t drink enough water to begin with. About three liters is usually enough for athletes. If you drink your water cold, it will speed up the metabolism as the body uses energy to warm it up to the normal body temperature. Also, if you drink enough water it will keep your body from holding it and feeling bloated. If you feel bloated, lower your carbohydrate and sodium intake and take some vitamin C (around 700 mg per day).


Coffee is (after tea) probably one of the best things you can drink for your diet. Did you know that black coffee, without sugar or milk, contains absolutely no calories? Just by drinking one cup of this calorie free drink, you can give over 300 healthy compounds to your body (such as antioxidants) that can clean your liver, keep your bowels working and that linger in your body for a month.


A whole book could be written on the benefits of green tea. Like coffee, it contains antioxidants and caffeine. We all know that antioxidants work wonders for your immune system, but many do not know that the caffeine found in green tea could increase your energy and mental alertness. Not just that, add some lemon and it will help you with your hangover. By drinking it you will speed up the metabolism in your body. The benefits of green tea include lowering cholesterol, preventing cancer in the pancreas, intestines and colon. If you drink some green tea during exercise, it can tone and tighten your muscles and give your skin a youthful appearance. It is advised to take it two or three hours prior to exercise to increase endurance. And if you take it after the workout, it will ease the pain.


If you can tolerate milk, it is a wonderful source of calcium, vitamin D, low glycemic carbohydrates and potassium. Recent studies at Brock University from Canada have shown that while drinking milk after training can help you lose body fat and gain muscles. Similar to milk, yogurt is a great way to kick-start your metabolism as it puts good digestive bacteria in the organism and help with mild heartburn but choose the one without sugar.
Cottage cheese is one of the best protein foods ever, but we will talk more about proteins, fibers and much more in a couple of days when we will talk about the benefits of meat, fruit and vegetables and grains.
Stay tuned.

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