5 Quick and Easy Steps To A Bikini Model Cleavage

Summer is the perfect time to shape up, look good and show it off. Once you have finished with fighting against cellulite, it is time to think about shaping up your bust and looking like a bikini model.

The following exercises will help you build up chest muscle that will make your breasts more supported and perkier. Mind you, by doing these exercises, you will not develop masculine-looking breast muscles or reduce feminineness. You will achieve noticeable results in one month if you commit yourself to do these exercises at least three times a week.


#1. Push-Ups

5 Quick and Easy Steps To A Bikini Model Cleavage

Get in a plank position, creating a straight line from shoulders, over hips to ankles. Your arms should be at your shoulder’s width, with palms just under the shoulders.

Pull in your stomach muscles while you hold a plank.

Go down, pause and push up. Repeat 10-12 times.

If you don’t have enough strength, don’t go all the way to the ground, but lower your arms until your upper arms are parallel with the floor, then go up again.

The head position should be chin up.


#2. Wide Push-Ups

Here we apply everything mentioned in #1, just this time our arms will be set wider. Repeat 10-12 times in three sets.

The one thing in common for all push-ups is this:

Always keep your chest in between your hands, if your face, neck or shoulders are landing in between your hands, know you’re not doing it right.

5 Quick and Easy Steps To A Bikini Model Cleavage

Your whole body should go down and up together when doing a push-up.


#3. Chest Flys

Lay down on your back, with knees bent to give your back some support.

Take your hand weights, or two water bottles (starting with the lowest weight and working into heavier weights as you get stronger).

Hold a weight in each hand and lower your arms to the sides, directly out from your shoulders, tick above the ground. Do not rest your arms on the ground, but 2 inches above the ground and count to 10. Bring your weights up above your chest until they meet. Pause, go down.

Repeat this ten times in 2 to 3 sets.


#4. Prone cobra on a stability ball

Lie face down, while your stability ball is under the midsection, feet pointed toward the floor, and legs straight.

Extend the arms out in front of the ball, head up and making sure to keep the elbows straight. Then, draw in the belly button and squeeze the butt muscles while pinching the shoulder blades together and down in order to bring the arms around to the side of the body.

Slowly return the arms to in front of your body, and repeat the above sequence for the desired number of repetitions but try it to be in 3 sets.


#5.  Push-Ups on an Exercise Ball

5 Quick and Easy Steps To A Bikini Model Cleavage

Kneel in front of a large exercise ball, place your torso on top, and reach the other side with your arms. Roll your body over the ball at a slow pace, and inch your hands forward on the floor until you get yourself relying on the ball only with your thighs. Hands are supposed to be in line with shoulders, but slightly more than shoulder-width apart.

With your abs contracted and your back straight, bend elbows and slowly lower your torso toward the floor.

Stop 4 to 5 inches away from the floor, count to five and then push back up.

Repeat this for 12 times in 3 sets.

The results should be seen after two weeks, but have in mind that the effects don’t last for long once you stop since muscles do need constant work out.

If you have a favorite bust exercise feel free to share.

Image credit: DepositPhotos.com

Last article update: 8/19/2019