30 Things to Do instead of Snacking, Because Snacks are No Diet-Friendly

30 Things to Do instead of Snacking, Because Snacks are No Diet-Friendly

We have all experienced that “hungry time” before dinner, when we know that it is still too early for dinner and that it would take some time to prepare it, however, we are hungry, and on our way to eat the wrong food. Instead of the usual snacks we eat, we should opt for healthier and more appropriate snacks.

Before we look closer to the things we can do instead of snacking, I would like to list the foods that are healthy substitutions for the usual snacks. Plus, these foods are low in calories; they are cost-effective and available everywhere. The best is that the following snacks would help us burn more calories while satisfying our hunger, and they are delicious as well.


Healthy substitutions for the usual snacks

These foods have so few calories, and they are easier to digest, so with our usual exercising program, we are double lucky. First, we consume low-calorie healthy foods that would benefit our organism and metabolism due to the nutrients they contain, and second, we eat the food that would help us stay on track and maintain our weight, and for some, even lose those extra pounds.

30 Things to Do instead of Snacking - healthy snacks

This is the list of the food that burns a lot of calories, boost your metabolism, break up carbohydrates, protein and fat, and here are the tips on how to include them in your daily nutrition.

Substitute your daily salad with sliced cabbage strips.

Add cucumbers to salads or stir-fry.

Eat raw carrots whenever you want.

Make your oatmeal with blackberries, raspberries or strawberries, or eat them raw.

Use watermelons, honeydews, or cantaloupes for smoothies for breakfast.

Use celery for non-fat salad dressing.

Make a healthy cherry tomato sandwich with lettuce.

Eat fresh grapefruit for breakfast.

Make salads with mandarin oranges.

Opt for peaches as snacks at work, or any other occasion.


Change your habits

Many people are used to eating snacks before going to bed or in the late afternoon. Some are always grabbing to eat something when they enter the kitchen, even if they are not hungry, just bored, perhaps. Mindless snacking can be dangerous in various ways. Apart from the fact that mindless snacking is the easiest way to gain weight, snacks can also increase the chances of having some health problems.

Now, if you think you will have a hard time adjusting to these healthy snacks, and you are still craving for snacks that are high in calories, this is what you need to do to break those bad habits.

  • If you are having a problem with mindless eating, you need to be aware of what you eat and why.
  • You need to think more about the food you consume, and the reasons why you are consuming it.
  • Make a list of the things you can do instead of snacking and put a list somewhere you can see it every day.

This is the list of 30 things you can do instead of eating snacks

1. If you are having a hard time just thinking about snacks, in fact, thinking about the food in general, try to think about the meal you can prepare for your family or friends. It is better when you think about somebody else.

2. To make yourself prone to eating healthy snacks, imagine the healthier you.

3. When you start thinking about the food, call your friend. There is nothing better to get your mind of food than talking to your friend.

4. Every time you think about snacks, walk around the block or activate your body. This is also very beneficial if you are on a diet.

30 Things to Do instead of Snacking - healthy snacks

5. Create a list of your top 10 reasons to lose weight.

6. Whenever you think about eating snacks, drink a glass of water.

7. Work will keep you busy, so create a To-Do list.

8. Grab the book or surf the Internet.

9. Fight your food craving with music and dance. Every time you reach for cookies, turn on music and dance.

10. We all have an unfinished project and things to do; thus, instead of a chocolate bar, go and finish that project.

11. Instead, in the kitchen, go to your bedroom, try some of the clothes and see what fits you. This will remind you that you need to eat healthier food and to maintain your weight or commit to losing those extra pounds.

12. Another way to avoid snacks is to take a hot, soothing bath.

13. Every time you want a high-calorie snack, meditate. This will clear your mind and focus your attention on the more important things you need or should do.

14. Instead of eating, plan a trip or vacation.

15. Do not open your fridge, opt to do something nice for someone.

16. Visit your friend.

17. Do some housework, rearrange the furniture, clean out a junk drawer, fold some laundry, straighten a closet, was your car, or work in your yard.

18. Start making your holiday shopping list.

19. Put your pictures in the album.

20. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure.

21. Brush your teeth.

22. Send a birthday card.

23. Check your e-mail.

24. Say a prayer.

25. Walk your dog, feed your fish, pet your cat or get yourself a pet.

26. Balance your checkbook.

27. Rearrange your bookshelves.

28. Give a massage.

29. Write an mail or blog.

30. Kiss or hug someone.

As you can see, there are numerous things you can do instead of snacking. Think more about the things you like to do or would like to try and add them to the list. Remember always to have some of those healthy snacks in your kitchen; this way, you would also help yourself change your eating habits.

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Last article update: 12/11/2019