20+ Last Minute Helpful Tricks On How To Organize the Perfect Easter Eggs Hunt For Your Kids

20+ Last Minute Helpful Tricks On How To Organize the Perfect Easter Eggs Hunt For Your Kids

Easter is probably our favorite holiday. Although we all put a lot of effort into organizing this holiday, Easter egg hunt is surely the most enjoyable part of the holiday for every family.

Eggs hunt is associated with so many memorable moments, when one can certainly employ creative skills to make maps, clues, friendly competitions, contests, and enjoy family traditions or make new ones.

However, Easter eggs hunt needs some extra organizing skills if you wish to spend a quality time with friends and family. We have decided to share useful and helpful tricks with all of you out there who wish to have a joyful Easter egg hunt with their children this year.


Do not panic!

For last minute organizers, panic is the worst enemy. Take a deep breath, take a paper and a pencil, sit down, and write down all the things you think you need to take care of before you start doing anything. Read it, and think again. It does not matter if your to do list is incomplete, what matter is that you write down the things you know you have to do.


Make it fair and keep it fair

If you are organizing a hunt for more than one child, do your best to avoid tears and arguments. The best is to color code the eggs and ask each child to search for a particular color. Make sure you count the colors correctly before you hide them.


Think about the safety

If your kids are toddlers, hold your hunt in a small and safe space so your little ones will not get lost. If it is sunny, take it outside, in the garden, however, be extra careful as well. If your children, however, are older, still make necessary safety preparations. In addition, if you are organizing a party for many children, you will need extra help from other parents.


Include present hunt

If your children are going to receive Easter eggs from relatives and friends, use those presents as the eggs and hide them. It will help you avoid sugar overload, cut down on your budget, and keep track of the food they eat.


Go sugar free

Easter egg hunt tips

Fill shop-bought plastic eggs with Easter toys (stuffed animals, pencils, different kind of toys) and other non-edible treats, or hide hard-boiled eggs, and avoid chocolate and other sugar-rich sweets as much as you can.  You can also place coins into plastic eggs, so children can go and shop for the toys themselves.


Buy the presents you know they will like

As parents, we often surprise our children with different toys, games, and art or school kits. However, this holiday you should skip that habit, and buy them the things you know they will enjoy playing with.


Do not make egg hunt too hard

Eggs hunt should be fun and interesting, and do not make hiding spots so tricky; the hunt can go on forever if you decide to test your children’s patience or logic or knowledge, and you will end up with nervous kids and a lot of eggs to find yourself. On the other hand, do not make it so easy as well. Leave them some good and interesting clues.


Opt for visual clues

To help your children with this hunt, opt for visual clues rather than written ones. Use large colored paper arrows to point out the direction, or a basic treasure map. If your hunt is indoors, use a trail of raisins or jelly beans, to show them the way.


Do not forget the baskets

Easter egg basket

An Easter egg hunt without baskets is incomplete, as you already know. Make baskets from cereal boxes or decorate those wicker baskets with ribbons, tissue papers, or pipe cleaners. Invite your kids to join you because they probably have the best ideas about how to decorate the baskets!


Consider the size of a candy

Opt for candies your children like; however, if you are inviting more hunters to the party, try to find out about food allergies and think about the size of the candies, because you would not want something that is potentially a choking hazard.


Make two or more hunting groups

Sometimes it is easier to make two or three hunts groups, especially if the age range is large. This way it is easier to monitor the hunts and organize them as well. Keep it well organized because you would not want to mix the presents.


Include hunt prizes

Choose two special eggs that are redeemable for prizes, for instance, “The Gold Egg” and “The Silver Egg”. The prizes do not have to be expensive, opt for giant bouncing balls, or coupons, stuffed animals, or a large box of art supplies. If you divide the children into two or more groups, you should consider including more that two special eggs.


Quantity is more important to the kids than gourmet taste

It is important to buy candies that fit into the eggs (jelly beans, chocolate, and gummy animals), however, quantity is always more important for the children. With quantity, the element of surprise is complete. As for every holiday, we need to consider our budget as well. Therefore, to get on the quantity, try to prepare candies yourself as well.


Call your friends if you have not sent the initiations

If you are organizing a big party with children and friends from various faiths, be precise with the time when the party is starting and stick to your schedule. The invitations should have been sent at least two weeks prior to the party; however, if you have not sent them already, it is better to call your friends and neighbors.


Invite the kids to help you with eggs stuffing

Children on a Easter egg hunt.

For most people stuffing the eggs is a family tradition. Children are especially skilled in stuffing, so if this has not been your tradition by now, invite them to join you. Remember to “test” the candies, use small bowls, put samples of each candy in it, and try to see if they are fresh and delicious.


Check your camera batteries

Make sure your camera is working properly, and that the batteries are charged. Make sure you have battery supplies as well.  If there are the slightest chances, you might forget about the batteries, make a note, and post it somewhere you can see it every day.


Prepare extra baskets and prepare a trash can

It may happen that one or more hunters forget their baskets, so make sure you have extra. Once the hunting is over; everyone wants to empty the eggs, so prepare a trash can nearby to collect the dots and wrappers.


Think about reusing plastic eggs

If you want to reduce your budget for the next year, prepare a large laundry basket or bin where you can collect plastic eggs for the following year.


Set the rules for the hunt

To keep everything well organized set the rules for the hunt. Before the hunt starts, explain them those rules. When I say rules, I am not referring to strict game rules, of course; after all, they are children, so they usually do not follow the rules so strictly. However, you need to point out what they need to do in case they, for instance, find the special egg that has a prize. Specify the places where eggs are not hidden, and warn them not to go there; otherwise, the hunt will be longer than you planned.


Create Easter egg checklist for the hunters

Sometimes, it is easier to create a checklist for each egg seeker, especially if you do not want to use color code eggs (green for the boys and yellow for the girls for instance). It is easier to use different eggs by age; however, children will enjoy more if you do not divide them in groups by the colors. Colored code eggs are good options, though if your kids are toddlers, or up to two or three years old. Although it takes more time to create the list, it is for your kid’s amusement.


Be creative!

The Easter egg hunt is an adventure for most kids, so be creative.

Hide eggs in the most unusual and unexpected places, but create good tracks and pointers.

Add coded message in the eggs, or hide super secret messages that will make your kids feel like an adventurers.

Move the hunt to Easter eve, paint the eggs with glow in the dark paint and give them flashlights to make it even more fun.

If the hunt is indoor, create a yarn maze that kids can follow during their hunt.

Add lettering to each egg so kids can make words. Buy alphabet stickers, or write a different letters on the outside of each egg, and set the kids to search for the longest word, or for the one particular word.

Draw a map using pictures; cut out a picture of a chair, or draw a coffee table to show them where the eggs are.

Create riddles for older children and make their hunt a bit difficult to get their brain tacking. Use name of the books, specific novels, a certain flower or herb in the garden.

Look for unique hiding spots to make your children laugh.


Organize volunteers

Beside your family support, you can ask your friends and other partygoers to volunteer and help. You are organizing a hunt at your house or yard; however, it is good to divide tasks, and have more help while organizing it, especially after the hunt is over. You will also need an extra pair of eyes when the hunt starts.


Do not forget a first aid kit

Just in case someone takes a tumble, it is good to have basic first aid equipment on hand.


Serve healthy refreshments and finger foods

If you are having an outdoor picnic, serve some juice and healthy snacks (fruit and vegetable platters) instead of sodas and unhealthy snacks. Kids are probably going to insist on eating chocolates and other candies, however, offer them a healthy food choice.


If you do not want to complicate, make everyone a winner

Kids can be very competitive, so if you think things can get competitive, place an empty plastic eggs around the hunting area which they can trade for a goodie bag, or other toys and sweets. This way you can avoid arguments over who got the most. However, a healthy competition is always welcome, and it can be very educational for children.


Do not forget about the egg hunt for adults

It is a very good chance that adults would want to participate as well. While you are creating an egg hunt for children you may as well hide something for adults as well. If you do not have the time, ask them to join their youngest so they can also feel the excitement and fulfil their desire for adventure.


Search for Easter egg hunt in your local area

If you however cannot organize eggs hunt properly, even in the last minute, it is best your search for the hunt somewhere in your local area. These big parties are very well organized, safe, and exciting as well. Think carefully what you can or cannot do, so do not go into organizing the hunt if you think it would not be interested enough for your kids, or if you have not prepared yourself properly. The local hunts are also something the whole family can enjoy and participate in.


Remember to have fun!

Easter egg hunt last minute  tips.

Think of Easter egg hunt, as a fun and stress-free party, so do not beat yourself up over details, mistakes or something similar.  It is a time for you to enjoy with your family, friends and neighbors.

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Happy Easter!

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