Why are You Craving for Certain Food? Learn 19 Reasons Why Your Body Needs Certain Food

Why Are You Craving For Certain Food

When going through emotional stress, for instance, many people opt for certain food that has power, though temporarily, to neutralize the stress.

Although craving for certain foods has its psychological reasons, it is more likely that food cravings are a message from your body. Your body has a unique way to tell you that you are low in certain vitamins, minerals or some specific nutrients.

The problem appears when this message is not understood correctly. In case of emotional stress, your body is telling you that you are missing certain beneficial nutrients. We are often confused by the message and tend to eat almost anything that we believe can relieve the stress, or anxiety or dissatisfaction.

In a word, since we cannot read the message completely, we end up eating processed, unnatural food and other food that usually does not contain the beneficial nutrient we need.

If you wish to know what nutrients you are missing, you need to have a closer look into the reason your organism is asking for particular food.

If you know what your food cravings mean, you can reduce unhealthy eating habits and poor food choices and you will learn how to satisfy a craving with proper food.


Iron deficiency

iron deficiency - why are you craving for red meat

Iron deficiency is probably one of the most common reasons why we make mistakes and eat the food that would not have any benefits regarding iron levels in the body.

Craving for red meat is the result of iron deficiency, for instance. Red meat is beneficial in many ways, but eating it often can bring you extra pounds. If you find yourself craving for red meat, you can maintain your healthy diets and your weight when you restore the levels of iron. If you substitute red meat with other foods rich in iron, you will not have to worry about gaining extra pounds, or triggering certain health problems.

Instead of red meat, you can eat beans, legumes, dried fruits, spinach, and cherries, and food rich in vitamin C for iron absorption.


Calcium deficiency

Calcium deficiency can make you crave for cheese, soda and fizzy drinks, and alcohol. Cheese is very high in calories, and these mentioned drinks are probably the main reasons why anyone can gain weight very quickly.

Instead of cheese, and these liquids, one can eat legumes, broccoli, kale, turnip greens, and sesame seeds.


Magnesium deficiency

Magnesium deficiency is the reason why you crave for sweets (chocolate, acid foods). Substitute chocolate with raw cacao nibs or powder, nuts, seeds, fruit and whole grains and keep your healthy weight.


Phosphorus deficiency

Phosphorus deficiency is another reason why you want sweets in general, and why you want coffee or black tea.
Due to the many side effects of coffee and sweets in general (additives, artificial colors and sweeteners), one should opt for pumpkin seeds and Brazil nuts. You can also eat whole grains, lentils and pinto beans.


Potassium deficiency

Potassium deficiency makes you party all night with different alcohol beverages.

Since there is no need to list all of the side effects of excessive alcohol intake, just remember that the best foods to substitute alcohol with, and to neutralize your craving while eating healthy at the same time, are citrus fruits, pineapples, bananas, black olives, bitter green leafy vegetables and seaweeds.


Silicone and tyrosine deficiency

silicone and tyrosine deficiency mean that you are craving for tobacco

When we are craving for tobacco, it means we are experiencing silicone and tyrosine deficiency.

To replace the craving for this stimulant, you can eat nuts and seeds. Other foods include beetroot, whole wheat, whole grains, oats, onions, and legumes.


Chromium deficiency

Chromium deficiency means you want pasta, white bread, and pastries. If you eat too much pasta and pastries, you will see fast weight changes on your body. Instead, sometimes you should eat grapes, apples, cinnamon, romaine lettuce and sweet potatoes.


Nitrogen deficiency

If you cannot stop eating bread and toast, you are experiencing nitrogen deficiency. Thus you should eat the food that contains proteins such as nuts, grains, legumes and green leafy vegetables.


Chloride and essential fatty acids deficiency

chloride and essential fatty acids deficiency - eat tomatoes

Chloride and essential fatty acids deficiency mean you want crisps. Instead eat olives, kelp, tomatoes or celery. To satisfy fatty acids deficiency, eat ground flaxseeds, chia seeds and walnuts.


Stress hormone fluctuations

If you crave for popcorns, you are going through stress hormone fluctuations. Eat food rich in vitamins B and C.


Lacking tryptophan

If you wish to know why you are prone to overeating, you need to understand what your body needs.

Firstly, it means you lack tryptophan, and to stop overeating, you need to eat pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds.

If you like sweets more, eat raw cacao.


Tyrosine deficiency

Overeating can also be the result of tyrosine deficiency. To satisfy the level of tyrosine and to stop overeating, think about including avocado and bananas in your nutrition.

Nuts, whole grains and food rich in vitamin C can also satisfy tyrosine levels.



nutrients - why are you craving for certain food

If your body misses nutrients and if your diet is not balanced, you will often crave for snacks.
To stop that snack obsession, substitute junk food for healthy meals, and consider detoxification as well.

Healthy nutrition needs to address the question of lack of appetite as well. Although many people are fighting to maintain a healthy weight, some are struggling with how to overcome a lack of appetite.


Chloride deficiency

Lack of appetite is also a result of the deficiency of certain nutrients. The first reason why someone cannot eat is chloride deficiency. To satisfy the level of chloride, you need olives, tomatoes, celery and Himalayan sea salt.


Thiamin and Niacin deficiency

Thiamin and Niacin deficiency can also cause a lack of appetite. To satisfy the levels of these B vitamins, you should eat peanuts, sunflower seeds, whole grains and beans.


Manganese deficiency

Finally, Manganese deficiency, as a cause for lack of appetite, can be satisfied with almonds, green leafy vegetables, blueberries and pineapple.

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Last article update: 10/24/2019