What’s Good Nutrition about? Learn a Few Tricks

What’s Good Nutrition about

Don’t treat food as your emotional friend. When you find yourself emotionally drown to food, focus your thoughts on other things, or engage in other activities.

Don’t leave yourself dehydrated. We Need water for numerous very important reasons.

Don’t think too much about the food, you don’t live to eat, it’s vice versa.

Don’t think that healthy food tastes bad.

Don’t be impatient – eating healthy needs planning and patience.

Don’t shop when you’re hungry, you will be only focused on satisfying your hunger.


Nutritional Dos

Buy food in its season; buy from local farmers; buy organic products;

Plan healthy menus with your family and enjoy preparing meals as a family.

If you need to buy packaged food, read the nutrition labels carefully.

Make your own food whenever possible.

Use extra virgin olive oil whenever suitable.

Keep raw vegetables in your fridge; they are the best snacks.

Try the food while cooking; do not just follow the instructions in the recipe.

Replace fried food with boiled or steamed whenever possible.

Slow down when you eat and chew properly.

Nurse your sweet tooth.

Try different cuisines – Indian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, and Greek.


Try to remember these quick facts:

Apples protect your heart.

Avocado benefits circulation and dilates blood vessels.

Bananas strengthen bones.

Blueberry blocks bacteria that cause urinary tract infections.

Broccoli combats cancer.

Carrots save eyesight.

Cinnamon stimulates insulin activity.

Cucumbers are mild diuretics that help with rheumatism, skin infections, and constipation.