What Are The Most Common Types Of Cellulitis?

What are the most common types of cellulitis

Cellulitis is a skin infection that is caused by bacteria. It can occur all over the body. Thus there are many types of cellulitis. Also, the location of the infection can have an impact on the prognosis. It can affect the type of treatment needed.

The most common treatment is antibiotics. Although, the type of cellulitis can influence the specific treatment plan. In this article, we detail the most common types of cellulitis. If you have any symptoms of infection, it is vital to seek fast medical attention.


Hand Cellulitis

The hands and arms are common places for a cellulitis infection to occur. The main reason is due to their high exposure to bacteria throughout the day. Thus, this increases the likelihood of an infection arising in a cut. Moreover, the common symptoms of hand cellulitis include redness and swelling. Also, there may be a slight pain in the hand. You can prevent a hand cellulitis infection by washing your hands with soap.


Periorbital Cellulitis

Another common type of cellulitis involves the area around the eyes. This is more common in children. Trauma to the eyelid can increase the chances of infection. Thus, all cuts in the eye area need urgent treatment. This includes cleaning the area in a proper manner.

Prevention of this type of cellulitis is easy to achieve. It requires encouraging good personal hygiene habits. It is vital to teach children not to touch their eyes or to scratch their eyes. Furthermore, you should inspect their eyes for any signs of infection or damage.


Facial Cellulitis

The face is a body part that has a high amount of exposure to bacteria through the day. Thus, a slight cut can quickly lead to infection. Additionally, an infected pimple can cause also cause facial cellulitis.

The most common symptoms of facial cellulitis are swelling and redness. Also, the area can feel warm to touch. Scratching is a major risk factor for this type of cellulitis.

Conditions such as eczema increase the risk. This is because they can cause a person to scratch their face. This can lead to cuts that are prone to infection. Prevention requires clearing up any facial wounds and avoiding touching the face.


Leg Cellulitis

Another common type of infection is leg cellulitis. The main causes are skin conditions and injury. Additionally, those with diabetes can be prone to this type of cellulitis infection. An itchy rash in the leg can be a sign of cellulitis.

The treatment will usually be antibiotics. But, during a course of treatment, it is vital to elevate the leg. This is done to reduce any swelling.


Nasal Cellulitis

The nasal area is another part of the body that can be susceptible to cellulitis infection. The main causes are a break in the skin around the nasal area. This can occur due to injury or trauma. Additionally, lots of nose blowing can also cause a break. This increases the chances of infection.

The symptoms of nasal cellulitis can be like a cold. So, it is crucial to be able to tell the difference. Painful swelling around the nasal area requires fast medical attention.

You should now have a better understanding about the common types of cellulitis. It is important to remember that any part of your skin can be prone to infection. Always seek urgent medical help if you have any of these symptoms.

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Last article update: 4/9/2019