Weak Immune System? Try These Natural Ingredients

tips for weak immune system


So what can you do if you suspect that your diet is not rich in vitamins and minerals? You may decide to take them as a supplement, but if you do so, focus on the whole specter, do not just take one vitamin such as vitamin c, often prescribed as an immune booster. It’s not as effective.


Herbs and other supplements

As soon as winter comes, your local store becomes filled with products, pills and herbal preparations that help you boost your immune system. These products may work, or they may not, as everyone’s immune system is different. Do not be skeptical, as there is evidence, conducted from a great number of cases, that there are natural remedies that will help you boost your immunity.

Echinacea- There has been a lot of talk about Echinacea being the powerful immune booster, mostly based on Echinacea’s ability to fight colds. Although it is considered helpful, you must take into account that it has very serious side effects with people with ragweed allergies.

Garlic- Garlic has many infection fighting capabilities against viruses, fungi and bacteria. You can read more about garlic here.

Ginseng- Ginseng is said to be efficient as an immune system booster, but the process is unknown. Most of its praise comes from Asians, as they have been using it for over 5000 years.

Licorice Root– Licorice as a plant has been praised in Chinese medicine and it is used to treat various diseases. As licorice root was never solely tested, its immune system boosting abilities have never been proven in the lab.

Probiotics– Your body is filled with different species of bacteria that will help you digest food. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are proven to especially useful.  The connection between probiotics and your immune system has not been made, yet, which does not mean that it does not exist. Your immune system is strengthened by your overall health and this is where probiotics come in handy.


The stress connection

It is well known that emotional stress may cause illnesses such as heart disease, hives and upset stomach, but immunologists were not particularly interested in this subject. Firstly, stress is difficult to categorize, as things that are stressful to one may not be as stressful to another.

The current studies that are being conducted are trying to find a connection between constant stress (chronic stress) often caused by family, work etc. and immune system.

The question here is: Does the immune system weaken if it is constantly attacked by stress? The result is YES. And it is even more so evident when it comes to emotional stress, almost twice as likely to get sick when exposed to bacterial toxin.

Thinking about this, one may remember the best advice to fight cold which is as follows: Make yourself a cup of a nice, hot, chamomile tea with lemon and honey, dress up warm, cuddle in a chair, and relax with a book. Our advice to that would be to grate some Ginseng in a cup of probiotic yogurt, make sure you take in enough of Zinc and vitamin C and you’ll be fine. Do you have some natural recipes that help you fight cold?


Image credit: racorn / 123RF Stock Photo