Vegan Diet – Yay or Nay?

Vegan Diet – Yay or Nay?


Benefits of Vegan Diet

If taken seriously, veganism can change your life for the better. There are at least 50 perks to being vegan, but we will look at just the most important ones.


Perk No. 1: Losing Weight

Let’s admit – spring break is almost here and we need to get into those swimsuits. So how can a vegan diet help?

According to a 2005 study, low-fat vegan diet is associated with weight loss, even in overweight postmenopausal women. This study showed that women managed to lose weight even when they weren’t being careful with their energy intake (calories).

The thing to remember is this – as we get older, we have more difficulties losing weight. Plus, women who are postmenopausal or just going through menopause tend to easily gain weight due to lower estrogen levels, which slows down metabolism. If, according to this study, these postmenopausal women managed to lose weight, then anyone can!

Vegan diet - Losing weight


Perk No. 2: Prevents Type 2 Diabetes

According to a 2006 study, low-fat vegan diet improves glycemic and lipid control in type 2 diabetic patients.

Remember, type 2 diabetes is a result of your body not handling its glucose levels properly.

The hormone, insulin, is produced by the pancreas, and is in charge of you having a healthy glucose level. When the glucose cannot get into the cells, the body keeps trying by producing more insulin. However, it eventually gives up – the pancreas can’t do it anymore. When the cells can’t use the insulin the body makes, doctors call this insulin resistance. The fact that vegan diets can control glycemic levels in the body is pretty awesome, to say the least!


Perk No. 3: Vegan/Vegetarian Diet Keeps Your Heart Healthy and Protected

Not only does a vegan diet lower your blood pressure, it can also protect your heart, by reducing blood pressure and cholesterol. And we sure have a study to back up these statements.

According to an article in The Permanente Journal, vegetarians have 24% reduction in ischemic heart disease than non-vegetarians. This is related to lower cholesterol levels caused by a non-meat diet. Furthermore, the ones who have been following the Mediterranean diet, which included mostly fresh vegetables, fruits and fish, had a 73% decrease in coronary events. If a vegetarian diet can do this, who knows what a vegan diet can do?


Perk No. 4: You Feel More Energized

You have probably heard that persons on a vegan diet have a lot more energy. It might sound crazy since in a vegan diet your body wouldn’t get the energy from meat and other proteins that can make you feel that way. Nevertheless, there is a scientific explanation behind this.

Have you ever noticed that after eating a meatloaf or having 2-3 cups of milk, you feel less energized? This is not a coincidence. Simply put, meat is not easily digestible. It takes more time to naturally digest in your digestive system. Plus, your body needs a lot more energy to make it happen.


Perk No. 5: Glowy Skin

Vegan diet - Glowy skin
That is, if you don’t decide to eat vegan junk food. Plant-based meals are usually enriched with Vitamins A, C and E, that are full of antioxidants. This can clear your skin and make it glow. Furthermore, Vitamin C boosts the production of collagen, which gives an anti-aging effect.


Perk No. 6: Better Sleep

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to get to bed on time and give your body a much needed rest. A vegan diet can help you with that.

Foods like bananas, spinach, broccoli, kale and almonds contain Vitamin B6 and high levels of magnesium, which causes muscle relaxation and put you to sleep faster.


Perk No. 7: Vegan Diet Prevents Cancer

Probably the most shocking of all these perks is number 7, but it is the truth. Especially when it comes to prostate or colorectal cancer. This doesn’t mean that consuming dairy products and meat will guarantee you to get cancer, but it can affect the process, especially if you already have a genetic predisposition.

Having covered the advantages of going vegan, let’s now look at a couple of disadvantages that make the vegan diet questionable.