The Benefits of Jojoba Oil to Your Skin – Is This Gold Oil Really Golden

jojoba oil for skin

Jojoba oil is considered to be one of the best products used in skin care today It is not a guarded secret that it has multiple benefits to your body, but let us see what exactly it will give to your skin and how to use it for each problem your skin might have.


What is Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is extracted from the seeds of mature jojoba ( Simmondsie chinensis) plants. They mostly grow in the desert regions of northwestern Mexico and the southwestern USA. It is funny that jojoba oil became popularized after the Endangered Species Act in the US. It replaced whale sperm oil and it was used for healing because of its numerous benefits mentioned above, and it is non-comedogenic, non-allergic and non toxic.

In addition to that, jojoba oil is antibacterial and several studies have shown that its usage as a fungicide as it prevents Staphylococcus aureus and the fungus Candida albicans to reproduce and in its presence they die.


How Does Jojoba Oil Benefit Your Skin

Whether you have dry or damaged skin, or acne and rosacea prone skin, jojoba oil is good for you. Jojoba oil is considered to be one of the best products used in skin care today.

Not only will it help you fight wrinkles, stretch marks, scars or cellulite, it will soothe your irritated skin and increase your natural production of collagen.

In addition to that it optimizes the absorption of vitamin D thus protecting your skin from harmful rays.


Jojoba Oil and Dry Skin

There are women that have enormous problems with dry skin. Some of their problems are causing them to have acne as well.

Most of the products bought over the counter do not work, but here’s a recipe to introduce jojoba oil to your skin. For this type of skin it is best to use either pure jojoba oil or mixed with almond oil 1:1. It must be applied twice per day, in the morning and in the evening through light massage.

When absorbed, it reduces epidermal water loss which enabling the skin to look fresh and glowing. It will fight fine lines and wrinkles, soothe rough skin and fight the dryness caused by age.