Stressed at Work? 6 Great De-Stress Techniques to Try!

Stressed At Work? 6 Great De-Stress Techniques To Try!


If you run a successful business or are an employee in a big company (even in a small one with high expectations), stress is something that comes with the territory. And the more you think of it, the more stressed you are, which takes away the precious energy you could invest in actually making progress on your projects.

I fell asleep at my desk once because I wanted to prove I can work for 10 hours straight without even stopping for a cup of coffee. Wrong!

Working under pressure is as bad as it gets, so you need some de-stress techniques that would help you gain peace of mind and body and help you work productively throughout your day. I will give you techniques that will help you, at least until you get to your yoga class. These have helped me go through the roughest of my workdays and I hope they’ll help you too.


1. Relax your body

relax your body while you working

Sitting at your desk for ours only builds up tension to your body. It is crucial to stop what you’re doing from time to time and take a minute to relax. You’ll do this by relaxing your facial muscles and allowing your jaw to fall open slightly.

Also, sit back in your chair, relaxing your leg muscles – let your thighs sink into the chair, uncrossing your legs or ankles and letting legs fall comfortably apart. Breathe in and out slowly and you’ll feel your body relaxing more on each inhale and exhale.

You can get up from time to time and stretch lightly. This will get the blood flow in your body running. Or, you can try with ear massage, it works great for me!

Don’t forget to think happy thoughts – think of beautiful destinations you want to visit, your family time, your boyfriend/girlfriend…. think thoughts that generally give you strength and calm.


2. Get a treat

When working a lot, your body needs some sugar to help it run. So, treat yourself to a piece of chocolate or something sweet you like (yet, don’t eat the whole box!) because it will stop the production of the stress hormone – glucocorticoid.

If you are on a diet and you avoid sweets, you can have a naturally sweet drink like lemonade, orange or grapefruit juice with a teaspoon of honey in it. It’s not as good as chocolate, but it’s ok.

These treats can be tricky, though. Don’t make it a habit because you’ll gain pounds you’ll later have a problem losing. I’ve gained 20 pounds in less than six months because of what-s-another-candy-bar situation. So, treat yourself, but be smart about it!


3. Have breaks

breaks for your productivity - de-stress techniques at work
Breaks are a crucial part of your productivity. You need to take a break whenever your body signals you to do so. If you don’t, the tiredness will overpower you. These short breaks should be used for things that relax you – browsing something you like on the internet– Tumblr posts, vine posts, etc. or grabbing something to eat, talking to your colleagues… Just don’t overdo it with the breaks!

I use my breaks to schedule drinks with friends, look at interior design suggestions for my new home and it always helps me big time!


4. Stress balls

Stress balls are a great thing to have at your desk because they lower down the level of your stress and anxiety. They don’t cost much, and they can be very motivating. Stress balls will give you a kick while strategizing about implementing new business tactics or coming up with new business ideas.

If you want to go a step further, you can always go with stress balls with your company logo on them and have them done in different kinds of shapes. Usually, companies chose shapes that reflect their business and that way makes it a nice gift for their clients. Throughout my career, I’ve given out about 500 of these to my friends and clients!


5. Chew a piece of gum

I know it sounds ridiculous, but believe it or not, chewing gum will calm you wonderfully! Plus, you will hardly think of food as your brain will be receiving information that something being already processed. Your body will understand something else, but work is happening so it won’t send you as many ‘I’m tired signals’.


6. Talk to your colleagues

quality relationship with your colleagues - de-stress techniques at work

Working in a team is especially hard if you don’t have a good relationship with your colleagues. Sometimes it’s not about all the hard work you need to do that makes you stressed, but the absence of good collaboration with those superior/inferior/on the same level as you.

Any relationship demands good communication to be successful. So, try building a quality relationship with your colleagues and it will make your workday so much lighter!

If you have a problem with someone, don’t go about ratting it to your manager. Be a grown-up and try talking things out.

Well, guys, I hope all this helped. If you’ve got any questions, please ask. After all, we’re here to help each other out, right?

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Last article update: 11/27/2019