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Nettle Health Benefits

There are many myths about this plant, and the most famous is that nettle can protect you from lightning. In case you find yourself in a desperate and frightening situation, nettle can also be very handy; it can make you brave and courageous. From myths, the nettle gained its popularity in literature, as well. Hans Christian Andersen used nettle as a spell-breaking plant. In his fairy tale, The Wild Swans, the princes had to make coats from nettle to break the spells on her brothers.

The great Tibetan ascetic Milarepa lived a long and healthy life due to the healing benefits of nettle.  Moreover, for years, even today, nettle leaves are a popular vegetable and popular in many cuisines.

Sometimes those be-aware-of plants are the most lucrative for our body and organism, and one of those is undoubtedly nettle.

Although known as a plant that can leave pale red, itchy, raised bumps on your skin, nettle is very popular around the world for its healing properties. These healing properties are responsible for frequent medical usage of this plant around the world.


What Exactly Is a Nettle?

Nettle Health Benefits

One can find thirty-nine species of the genus Urtica in the family Urticaceae, but the most famous is Urtica dioica, known as stinging nettle.

These species are annual or perennial herbaceous plants and they can reach up to 300 cm. The leaves can have different shapes and one can find circular, elliptic, ovate and lanceolate leaves, while the leaf blades have up to seven veins.

Most of the species from the family Urticaceae have stinging hairs on their leaves and stems. Nettle is native to Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.


Why Should You Treasure Stinging Nettle?

Although this plant mostly contains sugar and lecithin, it also contains prostaglandins that are a crucial support to the resistance of the inflammation.

Nettle leaves are rich with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, proteins, and beta-carotene. As for the vitamins, nettle contains vitamins A, C, D, K and B complex.


What Are the Health Benefits of Nettle?

The first usage of nettle was as a healing spring tonic due to its many nutrients. This plant is, in fact, a slow-acting herb and people use it in long-term treatments. Taken regularly, on daily basis, stinging nettle gently cleanses the body of metabolic waste and treats chronic disorders.

Nettle can offer adequate protection from microorganisms as well.

This “pesky weed” has anti-rheumatic, anti-allergic and anti-histamine properties. Scientists proved that nettle has biologically active compounds that reduce inflammation.


What Can Nettle Cure or Treat?

Nettle Health Benefits

1.   Nettle is used as a remedy for the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism

2.   When taken regularly, nettle can treat respiratory and urinary problems

3.   For centuries, nettle is known as a remedy that can treat different skin disorders and eczema

4.   Nettle is famous for its diuretic properties

5.   Due to the significant amount of the iron in the leaves, it is used to treat anemia

6.   It can be protective for hair and stop the hair loss (alopecia)

7.   Nettle is an important part of the asthma treatment

9.   Some people use the above ground parts for treating internal bleeding (nosebleeds, bowel bleeding and uterine bleeding)

10.  It has been beneficial in treating suppressed milk flow in breastfeeding

11.  The nettle root is used for benign prostatic hypertension

12.  In folklore medicine, nettle is a famous remedy for hemorrhoids

13.  Allergies, like runny nose and stinging eyes, have been threatened with stinging nettle

14.  Nettle is famous children’s medicine for chicken pox, poison ivy, different rashes and insect bites and stings

15.  Nettle remedy can be useful for diarrhea

16.  Stinging nettle helps the formation of blood cells

17.  Nettle is common in the treatment of sinusitis and rhinitis

18.  The above-ground parts are used for hay fever and osteoarthritis

19.  Nettle is very popular in diets

20.  Due to vitamin K, nettle helps against excessive bleeding

21.  It is usually recommended for pre-menstrual syndrome because it can help get rid of the toxins

22.  During menopause, nettle acts as a therapeutic remedy

23.  Nettle can enhance the immune system


Forms of Nettle Remedy

Today, nettle is common in various forms: extracts, capsules, tablets, root tincture, tea, juice, ointment and cream.

However, one should always consult with medical officials before taking any form of nettle.

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Last article update: 4/18/2019