Natural Skin Care Tips With Honey


Honey is the Main Ingredient in Beauty and Personal Care Products

Honey is found in a wide range of beauty and personal care products on shelves worldwide. Products like lip balm, hand lotion and sunscreen contains honey, which is why most of these products works so well at smoothing rough skin and making old skin look new again.

The skin goes through various changes when the environment changes. In the summer months the skin becomes dry and dehydrated and in the winter months the skin becomes dry and chapped. To help keep the skin looking young and feeling smooth is honey based products.


Anyone can create a few simple honey recipes at home. The items are easy to find and may already be lying around the kitchen. These recipes are cost effective and contain natural ingredients. Here are a few ideas to start with:

• Hot Honey Bath is the easiest and most natural skin care solution to use. Just add ¼ cup of honey to the bath water and come out with silky soft skin. It is excellent for treating dry skin.

• Honey Skin Cleanser is made by using ¼ cup of honey, ½ cup of glycerin, and 1 tablespoon of soap. Use a gentle soft sponge to apply the mixture to the face. Let sit for a few minutes and sponge away the residue. Gently rinse the skin with warm water and lightly pat dry.

Honey also heals minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Just apply to the affected area to help speed up the healing process. The benefits of using honey in everyday skin care is cost effective and beneficial for maintaining healthy and great looking skin.

Honey is natural safe to use and inexpensive. Beauty product manufactures charges hundreds of dollars for their beauty supplies. However, homemade do it yourself products with the same or similar ingredients works just as well and costs only pennies to make.