Natural Cellulitis Treatment

Cellulitis is a dangerous infection and it should not be taken lightly. It may cause serious complications and it is best if you see a doctor to avoid that. Having said that, we must also say that there are many natural ways to treat this desease and that they should be taken into consideration as an additional treatment.


Herbs That Fight Cellulitis

Goldenseal, Garlic and Echinacea  are the most effective ones.

Goldenseal has proven its usage in treating inflammation process. Even though its usage is purely oral, the patient may also add water to powdered  goldenseal, form a paste, and apply it to infected skin region overnight.

Garlic, with its identified antibacterial properties is known as the best natural treatment option for cellulitis,  as it may  help with the infection.  A dose recommended by doctors is  3 garlic cloves or 3 capsules of garlic oil per day until the infection is under control.

Echinacea  is known as an herb that raises your immune system. If taken regularly, besides helping you with other diseases, it can strengthen your immune system and help you fight the infection and prevent it from reoccurring.


Treatment and Prevention

If the patient is allergic to antibiotics, or does not use them for any other reason, the best way is to use the suggested natural treatment options for prevention.

That includes taking precautions to protect skin. If you happen to catch any type of fungal infection (mainly on hands and feet) you must seek treatment immediately. If that infection is left untreated, the infected area represents an easy entering point for bacteria which may cause cellulitis.

As a type of prevention, it is recommended to use other herbs to boost the immune system as well. Daily dosage of Echinacea should keep bacteria away. Other options are Licorice, Ginseng and Vitamin C.  Although the strength of Vitamin C as an anti bacterial factor has been called into question, it does wonders for your overall health and immune system.

Pay particular attention to skin wounds. Even a mild cut should be cleaned with soap and water and then covered with a bandage to prevent potential infection. In case of an insect bite or a rash, do not to scratch because this can damage the skin and help bacteria enter your body.

Together with established treatment methods, alternative medicine can help. Depending on the condition, treatment programs may include yoga, acupuncture, herbal remedies, massage, meditation and relaxation techniques. They are not harming, but do not forget to consult an expert in that particular area to find the best possible option for your problem.