Nasal Cellulitis: Risk Factors, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment Tips

Doctor and Patient - Nasal Cellulitis Tips

Nasal and facial area of every healthy person are considered to be one of the most prone regions to cellulitis. Also, it is known that the facial area absorbs a lot of dust and contaminants from the surroundings making you prone to certain viruses, bacteria and fungi as well. That is the main reason why all important details about nasal cellulitis found their place here.

Nasal cellulitis is a medical condition ordinarily caused by several types of bacteria and it affects soft tissue below the skin. In case a person gets this infection there is a great possibility of spreading it and affecting dermis and subcutaneous tissue in areas around the primary infection point.


Risk Factors

Different researches in this and similar medical conditions’ area have discovered particular factors that increase your chances of developing this infection. These risk factors are caused by following difficulties: swelling, problems with lymphatic system and minor skin trauma (cuts, insect bite etc.).



There are various types of bacteria which can cause this medical condition in the nasal area. Streptococcus is definitely the most common strain of bacteria discovered here. Strep bacteria will normally spread very quickly due to the fact that the enzymes of these bacteria prevent the organic structure from containing the infection.

Nasal cellulitis caused by Staphylococcus bacteria may occur after a bite of an insect, animal or even human. Also, an injury under water or dirt could also cause this very common medical condition as the bacterium enters the skin through a minor cut.

If under water, this skin trauma swells with fluids, Staph bacteria will be introduced to the organic structure and result in this infection.

This medical condition is more common in individuals with bad blood circulation. It this case a person can develop nasal cellulitis due to a simple tissue injury, but it is possible to get it even if  it doesn’t appear to be any injuries.

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General Symptoms

Numbers have shown that nasal cellulitis is one of most common of this type of infection in the United States. This mainly happens because many people ignore this kind of medical condition. Most of the infected people believe that a simple red nose is just a normal result of a cold.

The most obvious symptom of nasal cellulitis is  pain caused by nasal inflammation ( the nose develops a tomato like color) which becomes redder and redder as time goes by. Subsequently, the nose gets bigger and it hurts from irritations.

Other symptoms that probably appear simultaneously to those previously mentioned are:

▪  Swelling. The skin will probably imitate the texture of an orange peel and feel hot if touched.
▪  Blisters may also form on the damaged skin area.
▪  Some people that develop nasal cellulitis will have additional symptoms like fever,
▪  Headache also may come,
▪  Low blood pressure as well,
▪  Chills,
▪  And rapid heart rate.

You may wonder whether it is fever or a cellulitis infection, especially if it’s a mild one, but if the infection is left untreated and spreads, the lymph nodes will become infected and swollen over time. Also it is possible for this type of infection to enter into blood stream and cause serious threat to body which can result in fatal consequences.

The easiest test is the obvious one. Look for cuts and bruises.

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How to Diagnose Nasal Cellulitis?

Regular procedure for diagnosing this type of medical condition is: look into patient’s medical records to see if they suffer from hypertension; physical examination and ordering a blood test to confirm cellulitis diagnosis.

A doctor suspecting  this medical condition is likely to immediately prescribe antibiotics to start the treatment.


Nasal Cellulitis Treatment

Medical attention is strongly advised in case of nasal cellulitis. Sometimes further treatments are not needed unless patient fails to respond to the therapy prescribed by doctor.

In case this medical condition is left untreated it could enter into bloodstream and spread to other body areas- brain as well. This can be a real threat.

If the infection is diagnosed on time, patients with nasal cellulitis usually receive treatment at home until the infection is cured. In case symptoms worsen or remain unchanged for a few days it is recommendable to seek further medical help and a change in therapy. You can read more about cellulitis treatment options by clicking HERE.

In most cases, nasal infection will improve gradually, though with this type of infection you can expect the symptoms to actually get worse before you see an improvement, even while taking antibiotics. The reason for this is that when the bacteria dies, it will release a substance that causes further tissue damage, but this should improve quickly as your body begins to heal.



If you have these symptoms, visit your doctor as soon as possible. This type of nasal infection must be treated immediately in order to avoid making the situation worse since this type of skin infection may lead to further health complications even with fatal consequences.

Last article update: 01/24/2019