What is The Best Food for Liver Health?

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Are There Foods that Can Protect Our Liver?

Particular food can heal different illnesses, usually infections, but the truth is that healthy food can prevent many diseases due to the beneficial nutrients in it. When we are talking about liver problems, we should do everything to keep the liver in its best state.



Well, apart from being the largest organ in our body, the liver is one of the most important organs.  The liver has an essential role; it turns the food into energy, removes the poisons and toxins from the body, makes bile and build proteins. In a word, the liver is crucial for life.

When the liver is damaged, it cannot continue to process nutrients from the blood, which can result in brain damage, coma, or other serious illnesses.

The liver produces bile (green-yellow fluid) to help digest food (especially fat).  When the liver is damaged, the digestion is hard.

Eventually, all of the blood will pass through the liver, and the liver will remove all the bad things from it.  When the liver is damaged, these toxins start to create problems that will lead to serious infections and illnesses.

The body uses proteins every day and the liver is in charge of building many proteins. When the liver is damaged, our body will lack essential energy and our immune system will be threatened.

After those mentioned above, let us see what food can help protect our liver and prevent it from infections and diseases.


What Food Will Detoxify Your Liver?

What is The Best Food for Liver Health

To protect your liver from the buildup of toxins, you should eat food free of additives, chemicals and modified ingredients, in a word, liver cleansing food. The process of liver detoxification is complex, but certain food stimulates the enzymes that catalyze detoxification.



Avocados repair the liver; they contain a high amount of glutathione-producing compounds thus help the liver to clean itself. One or two avocados per week can make a significant difference in liver health.



Garlic is super food – it has numerous compounds that contain sulfur. These compounds can activate the liver enzymes responsible for removing the toxins from the body. Garlic is also rich with selenium and allicin that greatly protect the liver.



This green vegetable is an excellent source of calcium, potassium, and fiber, as well as vitamin A and C. Broccoli,  can stimulate the enzymes for detoxification. The essential compound is sulforaphane, which protects the liver due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from broccoli, one can also eat cabbage, cauliflower, and kale for the same purpose.


Kidney beans

These beans are real boosters due to iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, and copper. Low in fat, high in dietary fiber, and packed with proteins, kidney beans stimulate the liver detoxification because of the amino acid called L – arginine.



Turmeric assists the enzymes with detoxification, boost the production of bile, and even regenerate the affected liver cells. It is rich with iron and manganese, and it has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. The root has no cholesterol and it is rich with dietary fiber and antioxidants.


Lemons and Lime

Citrus fruit is full of vitamin C (which means it has great antioxidant properties), but vitamin C also helps the body cleanse the toxic material. In particular, lemon and lime aid the body in synthesizing toxic material into substances that can be absorbed by water. Freshly squeezed juice in the morning will stimulate the liver.


What Antioxidants Are Great for Liver?

Antioxidants help the liver with the cleansing process and prevent the damage from the free radicals.

What is The Best Food for Liver Health


Blueberries are a good source of potassium, fiber, and vitamin C.  With its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They assist the liver with detoxification. Apart from blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, blackberries and cherries are also great antioxidant food for the liver.



Dandelion is used mostly to treat liver diseases such as alcoholic hepatitis.  Dandelions are strong antioxidants, and they protect against free radicals. Fresh juice from the dandelion leaf is excellent for liver cleansing in particular.



Artichoke contains one important compound that is beneficial for liver – phenolic acid cynarin. This acid has two crucial properties – cholagogue and choleretic. The first one promotes the discharge of the bile, and the second stimulates the production of the bile. This fibrous, green vegetable should be part of daily nutrition.


Apple juice

Apples are high in pectin that is necessary for the body to release toxins from the digestive tract. Due to this, the liver can easily handle the toxins during the cleansing process.

Apple juice, with walnut oil and lemon juice, will remove the waste from the liver, and eliminate allergies. Usually, the treatment ends in a day.


Green tea

This tea is rich with antioxidants known as catechins, which assist the liver and improve its functions.


Can Probiotics and Prebiotics Help With Liver Protection?

Prebiotics and probiotics - What is The Best Food for Liver Health
Beneficial bacteria help keep harmful toxins from sleeping through the intestinal wall. Probiotics contain “good” bacteria, while prebiotics (food that feeds these bacteria) protects the liver indirectly – they promote the growth of healthful “good” bacteria. The most popular probiotics are dietary food (yogurt, milk), while the banana is the best prebiotic.


What Should You Avoid?

    • Eat only organically grown food, otherwise, you will eat extra toxins
    • Do not exaggerate with alcohol – excessive alcohol will disrupt liver metabolism.  When one is drinking too much, it can cause liver inflammation, which will lead to fatty deposits and the irreversible tissue destruction of cirrhosis. Up to two drinks daily for men, and no more than one for women can offer health benefits, but excessive amounts can cause serious illness. Replace alcohol with more natural drinks, such as kombucha or kefir.
    • Avoid fast food, deep-fried foods, processed foods, high-fat foods, and high sugar foods.
    • Drink large amounts of fluids (water, teas, and juices).
    • Eat fresh fruit and vegetables.
    • Exercise regularly.
    • Watch your weight.


It is also important to know that obesity and diabetes increase the risk of liver disease.

Keep in mind what food can protect your liver, and enjoy life without problems.



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Last article update: 10/2/2019