How to Find the Best Massage Therapist? This is What You Need to Know!

how to find the best massage therapist - this is what you need to know

I have a problem with my massage therapist, and that’s why I’m writing this to help others to choose or change the massage therapist. Follow tips based on my personal experience, or have fun reading this article.

Massage has been a successful therapy for over a thousand years, and today, massage is a very popular therapy for stress and relaxation.

The common misconception is that the benefits of massage therapy are only related to relaxation and stress management. However, massage has excellent health benefits in general.

Given its popularity, many people decide to educate themselves about massage therapy or take massage courses. On the one hand, massage has determined rules and techniques one needs to learn, on the other, it is also important for a therapist to be educated in other health-related fields and alternative medicine, a person who is ready to learn about the human body, nutrition, and health in general.

So, how can one choose a good massage therapist?  If you follow these simple tricks, you will find your perfect therapist in no time.


There are different types of massage therapies, so opt for the one you need

what you need to know about the massage therapy

If you know why you need therapy, then choosing the type of massage therapy should not be a problem at all. However, you need to choose the one that fits your needs the best.

There are many different types:

Swedish massage, as the most common type of massage therapy, which is an excellent choice for first-time goers.

Deep-tissue massage, similar to Swedish therapy, but with more pressure as it is focused on releasing chronic muscle tension.

Hot-stone massage that uses smooth, heated stones for deep relaxation and warming of the muscles. There are also different types of hot-stone massages according to the place and therapist’s preferences.

Shiatsu massage, similar to acupuncture, is an energy-flowing type of massage.

Thai massage, which was developed by Buddhist monks in Thailand 2,500 years ago, is a healing massage that relieves muscle and joint tension, pain and balances the body’s energy.

There are also a sports massage, Ayurvedic massage, aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage and more.

As you can see, there are many options, so the best way to decide which suits you is to ask yourself the following questions: What is my goal for massage therapy? Do I need to relax? Do I have chronic muscle pain? Why do I need treatment? What do I like about a massage? Light pressure or energy techniques?

Once you find the answers, you will narrow the choice of your search down.


Read literature about massage, especially therapist’s literature

how can one choose a good massage therapist

You do not need to read every book on the massage you find. However, it would be good if you have any knowledge of a certain type of massage you have chosen. When I say knowledge, I mean common information, practice, time, price, and so on.

Today, it is also not rare to see books published by private massage therapists, and if the therapist you are considering publishing a book, you should read it. Moreover, every massage therapist has pamphlets describing their experience and philosophy, so read them too.


Ask for referrals and recommendations

How to start? With friends, of course. If some of your friends already have a massage therapist, consult with him or her (even if the therapy is not the one you need). Ask your friends why they like the therapist and the massage therapy, but keep in mind that every therapist is different.

Personally, I’m going to sports massage more than 2 years regularly, and it was all great until 2 months ago, my therapist started with new education and moved my previously scheduled appointments twice. If this happens again, we will have a serious talk, and I’ll start to search for a new therapist.

I have two reasons for that: First, my time is precious. Rescheduling usually means moving other appointments and I don’t like this. And second, it is very important not to lose continuity. Your body is one big clock and knows exactly when it should be your next treatment (if you’re regularly going as I do).

Even if he or she has chosen the same therapy method as the one you would like, it does not mean that the same therapist would suit your needs and wishes. You can even consult with the therapist.

Getting recommendations is always a good thing. Another thing you can do is search online and read reviews. Look for the experience.


What do you need to know about massage therapy to get the most of it?

different types of massage therapies

You need to keep in mind that although massage therapists are professionals, to get the most out of a massage, you need to do certain things too, it is not everything up to them.

Communicate with your therapist honestly. You need to be open-minded and respective in communication with your therapist, but you should also feel free to tell him or her if you have any suggestions or requirements. If you want something to change, tell your therapist.

Give accurate health information.

Tell about any allergies you have (allergies to oils, powders, lotions).

If you have any music preferences, in case, of course, the therapist plays music during sessions, tell him or her.

If you are feeling any discomfort (room temperature, speed of hands, lighting) during the massage session, report it.

Remember that it is important to feel comfortable, so if you are not, do not be afraid to say that.

Respect the time. It is not just about being on time, it is also better for you if you do not arrive in a rushed state, because it will take you longer to relax, and the effects of the massage may not be as good as it can if you were already relaxed.

Think about your eating habits. As well as with any physical activity, it is not recommended to eat before workouts, the same goes with the massage sessions.

Your body needs time to digest the food.

Breathe normally.

Relax your body. Do not think that the therapist is the only one responsible for relaxing your body, you need to relax your body and mind, not to contract your muscles during the massage. If you have a problem with contracting your muscles, let your therapist know. The therapist should adapt the therapy session to your needs.

Do not get up too quickly after the session. It takes a little time to integrate the results of the session. If you are dizzy after the massage, do not get off the table quickly.

Drink water after a massage.

Schedule several massage sessions. The effects of massage therapy are visible after several sessions. The more you go to the massage therapy, the better you will feel. Relaxation deepens from one session to the next.

Remember to enjoy it.


It would be great to share your massage experiences/tips in the comment section or tell me if I’m wrong…

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Last article update: 9/4/2019