How Not to Lose Self-Control and Stay Positive and Happy?

How Not To Lose Self-control And Stay Positive And Happy


Encourage Abstract Thinking

Although it seems very strange, abstract thinking is, however, linked to high self-control. As opposed to concrete thinking that is in a way more focused on the means of accomplishing the particular goal, abstract thinking is focused on a goal itself and it enhances the creativity in the process.


Have Healthy And Restful Sleep

Sleep deprivation is linked to lack of self-control. This comes as no surprise, since lack of sleeping and resting is linked to many mental and emotional problems and “turbulences”. Research showed that while we sleep glucose levels in the pre-frontal cortex are regenerated, and self-control is replenished.


Reward And Penalize Yourself

It is no secret that many people accomplish better results and achieve goals when they are motivated in many ways. Certain researches showed that when a person has a reward in mind it can accomplish short-term goals more successfully.

Although this is not always beneficial, and it can also back fire, it is still better to motivate yourself and to create a reward system that will help you battle and conquer your temptations. For example, if one were studying very hard for the exam, and achieved the expected results, there is no reason why he or she should not be rewarded.

If you create your rewarding system, you should have your penalty system as well, a system that will remind you of the importance of the control. Punishment can be motivational and very educational.


Surround Yourself With People Who Have High Self-Control

people who have high self-control
This is a motivational step you need to take, but you have to be sincere with yourself. Being surrounded by strong-willed people can mask your temptations and desires and create a sort of “artificial” emotional support. However, social interactions are motivational and can help us realize when we are out of control.

If you are spending more time with someone who has control over budget, it is more likely you will be able to control your budget as well. What you should remember is that you need to be your own support one day.


Be Positive And Inspired

Positive thinking can enhance your ability to resist temptation and it can help you make it easier. On the other hand, try to realize what the source of your inspiration is and what can motivate you to do your best and resist temptations and desires. Try to do something that brings positive thinking everyday. Remember that enhancing self-control needs practice, so you need to practice.


Eliminate Stress

Stress is the worst enemy. Use your time to focus on important goals and to alleviate stress. Meditate, for instance, it can help you avoid stressful situations and boost your self-control.

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