9 Simple Tips for Healthy Eating Habits

9 Simple Tips for Healthy Eating Habits


How can you develop healthy eating habits?

There is one thing you should always keep in mind – healthy eating is not about strict diets or depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy. A good diet is healthy both for your mind and body. A healthy diet is about feeling good, both mentally and physically, having more energy, being happy. Moreover, healthy eating is also about maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding certain health problems. But the overall dietary pattern is important, including exercising and leisure time – that’s how you should approach developing more healthy eating habits.

That being said, we can now see what are some things you can do to start healthy habits.


Set goals

The goal should be flexible and measurable, meaning you need to know specifically what your goal is. Many understand goals as strict, non flexible actions. In this situation you need not to forget that you want to create a good habit, for what you will need time. Don’t get disappointed if you fail the first time, but rather commit yourself to doing it right the next time. That’s why your goals should be flexible as you need to take one step at the time.


Be specific and attainable

When you say – I want to exercise more – what does it really mean? Are you joining a yoga class or are you going to work out in a gym with a personal trainer? How are you going to exercise more? And how often? Every day?  It’s best to have a structured and specific plan.


Stay on track

To keep up with your progress you should set short-term time limits. This way you will be able to track your progress and see what you need to change. You can also become aware of you stronger healthy habits and make them a priority.


Practice and do it regularly

Make a schedule of all the things you want to do and do them at the same time every day, sticking to your schedule. Yes, it can be hard to maintain discipline, but you can only develop a good habit with practice. The more you do a certain action, the more you will get used to it, and turn it into an automatic behavior. To sum up – practice your goal on a regular basis, and repeat it until it becomes the part of your daily routine.
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Stay organized – This is probably the hardest part of developing a good healthy habits as we can often find excuses for not sticking to our plan. That’s why you need to organize your activities.


Keep a strong connection between your mind and body

Use your intuition and your instinct to control the situations when you act irrationally. Learn to think clearly about the things you are about to do, and start thinking about them in terms of related actions. Listen to your body, and don’t think about instant results.



Invest time to find out the function behind a bad eating habit but don’t spend time to go into details. If you are determined to find the problem, you will locate what drives certain habits. Thus, there’s no need to go into detailed analysis, rather you should simplify what you already know. If you already know you are substituting snacks for lunch, you can easily find where the problem lies.


Turn bad eating habits into healthy

When you list all your bad eating habits and recognize their patterns, you can try and start doing the opposite. If you eat too much unhealthy processed food you can think of ways how to substitute it for raw, real food. Or if you are eating late at night, you can try and decrease the portions size for start, and try to engage in other activities that will keep you busy.


Focus on how you feel while eating

Start listening to your body when and after eating. Why? Our body can tell us amazing things about our eating habits and the food we consume. Moreover, thinking about the food will help you focus more on the changes you want to make, foster new habits. You will feel better when you eat healthy food, and you need to keep that in mind. The more healthy food you eat, your body will ask for more and you’ll feel better. Acknowledge that experience and environment.


To set yourself up for success and to introduce and develop new healthy eating habits, start with planning small steps and stick to your plan. Understanding how habits are formed and how to change them from the beginning will make it easier to commit to making improvement. You don’t have to change all at once, but you do need to be patient and focused.


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