Natural Healing Power of Garlic – What’s The Fuss?

garlic for earaches

With over 7000 years of usage for both medical and culinary purposes, this plant of the rather strong smell and taste, gain its popularity first in the ancient Egyptian civilization. Garlic was also such a powerful plant that was used as a currency in the Mongol Empire.

Furthermore, many traditional Indian and Chinese medicine used garlic as a remedy for cough, bronchitis and cold.


About Garlic

One can find different types of garlic, to be precise even 17 types of it. However, all of the garlic’s healing capacities remain the same no matter the size or the shape.

Most of the people’s first thoughts about this herbal plant are about its peculiar smell, but this “stinking rose” is a powerful medical weapon.

How beneficial this plant is also showing the recognition received from modern medicine.

Even though it was grown in Asia, China is one of the countries with the highest production, garlic soon became very popular in other continents, and now it is inevitable in many aspects of human life.


Garlic Health Benefits

Natural Healing Power of Garlic

If you want to be as strong as an ox, garlic bulbs are your first choice. Calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, manganese and selenium are all part of this plant and all-important minerals and vitamins for the human organism.  Having these minerals and vitamins, garlic represents one of the essential remedies used for centuries.  Almost everyone is familiar with vitamin C, that is crucial for boosting the immune system.

Furthermore, garlic is used as a medicine for many conditions regarding heart or blood pressure: high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease and heart attack.

Now and then, our body needs to expel toxins, thus no better friend than garlic.  Science has also confirmed the benefits of garlic related to the detoxification. The secret lies in the fact that garlic contains sulfur compounds that can activate the liver enzymes that are, on the other hand, responsible for reducing and expelling toxins from the body.

Garlic is effective in the prevention of different types of cancer due to the production of hydrogen sulfide. Just by eating 10 grams of garlic daily, one can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Garlic is also recognized as a helpful remedy that can prevent breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer and rectal cancer.

Certain compounds that garlic contains can form allicin that is, beside selenium, one of the most important nutrients used widely in the prevention of certain diseases.  Allicin has an antibiotic effect; thus is undoubtedly very popular in treating the toothache. This compound is released when garlic is crushed and just by applying it to the area of pain, the pain can vanish within minutes.

If you mix garlic clove with some sesame oil, it can also help you in treating earache. One must not forget the popularity garlic has to be one of the crucial ingredients in tomato tea that is widely used as a home remedy for nasal congestion or stuffy nose.


Garlic For Treating Bacterial and Skin infections

Natural Healing Power of Garlic

Even though garlic is labeled as one of the cancer-fighting food, its effectiveness in treating bacterial and skin infections is of great importance.  “Ringworm” (fungal dermatitis) is a common infection of the skin and one of the best homemade remedies is garlic oil.

On the other hand, it is known that garlic is a common remedy when treating somebody with a certain bacterial infection cellulitis.

This bacterial infection causes severe inflammation, and since antibiotics are usually used in this treatment, the antibiotic characteristic of garlic can show its effectiveness significantly.

It is recommended consuming three cloves of garlic every day until the symptoms of the infection are gone. 

Overall, garlic has the great anti-bacterial capacity and in this kind of infection, a cup of water with garlic can reduce the inflammation and rash as well.


Overall, unpleasant breath is of secondary importance when it comes to the healing powers of this plant. If you still do not know how to cook, have some cooking classes and use garlic as a secret to a marvelous dish.

Let us not forget that garlic also has centuries’ long fight against mosquitoes. Should we say a centuries’ long battle with vampires?


Last article update: 9/15/2019