Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Hand Cellulitis

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Hand cellulitis is a bacterial infection that affects the skin surface around the hand. The usual cause is a break in the skin. The main bacterial causes are Steph and Staph. Hand cellulitis infections are usually minor.

However, they can become serve in a short period of time. An infection can cause lasting damage without prompt treatment. In this article, we explain how to recognize the common signs and symptoms of hand cellulitis. Also, we explain the risk factors and the general treatment for this condition.


Signs & Symptoms

The common signs and symptoms of hand cellulitis are skin redness and warmth. One hand may feel extremely hot in comparison to the other. There may also be a slight pain in the hand. Additionally, tenderness and redness may begin to feel worse. This is a sign of the condition developing.

It is crucial to begin treatment as soon as possible. Since the condition can quickly worsen and become serious. Also, the infection can spread to the bloodstream which can cause serious complications. Signs of more severe infection include chills and fever. These require immediate medical attention.


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A doctor will typically perform a physical examination of the hand. Also, they may ask some routine health questions. After, examination of the swelling, a doctor may request a blood test. This can quickly confirm the presence of a cellulitis infection within the hand.

Diagnosis is usually made on the same day. Overall, the main role of diagnosis is to rule out more serious hand infections such as septic arthritis or a tendon infection.


Risk Factors

There are some risk factors that increase the chances of a cellulitis infection developing. Any trauma to the hand is a risk factor. These include all cuts, bruises, and insect bites. Also, it is essential to treat these as soon as they occur properly. Wounds require proper washing.

Additionally, it is important to cover them. Any break in the skin around the hand area has the potential for infection.

Moreover, a lack of general hygiene is another key risk factor. Overall, it is essential always to wash hands with soap.


Hand Cellulitis Treatment

The treatment for hand cellulitis involves a regular course of antibiotics. Also, it is essential to finish this course fully. This will completely eradicate the infection. During this time, a person should ideally rest their hand. Activity can make redness and pain even worse.

Additionally, the hand should be kept in an elevated position. This will help to reduce any inflammation.

The doctor will make a new appointment to verify the healing of the hand and to confirm that the infection is gone. Additional treatment may be required for more serious conditions.

Furthermore, the extent of the swelling in the hand may require intravenous treatment. This usually occurs in a hospital.

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Last article update: 02/21/2019