Do You Wish For An Enjoyable Holidays? Try this: 20 Easy-To-Make Home Decorations

easy to-make holiday home decorations

Lighten your home this year using these easy-to-make and cost-effective decorations. And remember to be creative, and have fun!


1. Coffee-Filter Garlands for Living Room

This does not mean you cannot use popcorns, sure you can, however, if you got bored, replace them with coffee filters. Mix white and natural-colored coffee filters, use 20 stapled stacks to get a 10-foot garlands. Secure them tightly, by knotting.


2. Toilet-paper and Toilet Tubes for Honeycomb Wreath

Use a knife to cut a tube into two. Lay a bowl and arrange the cardboard slices around the bowl. Glue the slices where their sides meet. Put jingle bells inside or pine cones, for instance. You can also use a decorative paper for the tubes.


3. Plain Glass Ornament for Feathers or Wooden Figures

Use affordable empty orbs, fill them with small wooden figures, or chips, peacock feathers, small Santa Clause figures, artificial snow, or with small branches and dried colorful leaves.


4. Bird Seed Ornament for Christmas Tree

Use bird-shaped metal cookie cutter, lay it down on aluminum foil (two layers) and wrap the foil up to cover cutter’s sides. Use a pot, melt 1 cup coconut oil on medium heat, stir in ¼ cup chopped nuts and ¼ cup birdseeds. Let it cool to a thick but pourable mixture.

Use an 8-inch long twine string and place one end into the cutter, leaving most of the twine to stick from the top of the wing. Pour down the mixture, slowly, until it reaches the top. Let it harden at room temperature, then freeze for an hour. Pop the shape out, and hang it on the tree or outside.

Pinecones for Christmas tree

5. Pinecones are Perfect Holiday Home Decorations

Use different sprays (usually white, but you can use anyone you wish), and spray pinecones. Use them for the tree or place them in a jars.


6. Red and White Bows for Room Decoration

Although many places them on the tree, I also saw those bows used to decorate windows and curtains. Make eye-catching bows using red and white ribbons.


7. Vintage Baking Molds for Romantic Home Atmosphere

If a passionate cook, then you can find an old baking molds. Use various ribbon loops and glue the backs of the baking molds.


8. Skeleton Keys for Christmas Tree

Use old skeleton keys to decorate your tree. With beautiful white, or gold spray, keys will inspire storytelling.

Christmas home decorations

9. Photo Wreath for Family Atmosphere

Choose your romantic black and white photos, and make a beautiful memory-evoking photo arrangement. Hot-glue a selection of these photo to wire a wreath. Do not use the originals, make copies in case you are making this for the first time.


10. Card Tree for Winter Touch in Your Home

To craft it, you will need two wooden dowels. Cut them into five segments, start with eight inches wide and enlarge each piece by two inches. Use ribbon and fold two yards in half, place the shortest dowel six inches from the fold, and the rest space five inches apart from another. Hot-glue them between the two ribbons and attach your favorite greetings with small clips.