Do you Want to Be a Morning Person? Learn What You Need To Do

morning person tips

Is there something wrong with night owls? No, there isn’t, except the feeling of lack of time. Many people work at night, especially those who are into different freelance jobs, and they all say the same thing: “Even though I finish everything I was supposed to, I sleep while others are making the difference. “

Night surely has its advantages, especially for writers, but (there is always a “but”) there is a reason why we should sleep at night – at night our body and organism “work” in the best way, for the next day. It is as simple as that, no complicated explanations and philosophy.  Moreover, our mental and emotional life is balanced when our body and organism receive a proper care and rest. So, what’s the problem?

Apart from the job, other situations can influence on our lack of sleep.  Stress is the first reason for not sleeping well (you can add worries, discomfort, dissatisfaction etc.). Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can be linked to sleep problems as well. Insomnia is linked to magnesium deficiency, for instance. Potassium helps those who have trouble sleeping through the night and vitamin D helps those who have a strong need for excessive daytime sleep.

Let’s say you live a stress-free life and have no trouble sleeping in general, but you just prefer night over day. If everything is ok, why should you ever consider rising from your nice and warm bed? It is true that the quality of sleep is what helps your body and mind recover and “recharge”, but it is also true that our body has its natural cycle, that certain processes in our organism take place during the night, that we need vitamin D we get from the sun, that our concentration is better during the day, etc.

Morning birds rise with a purpose and determination. What helps them jump out of bed?


Think about the sleep as a way of recharging your batteries

Researchers have shown that people who wake up early tend to be more optimistic, proactive, less stressed and even healthier.  What should we do?

In the first place, we should not be sleep deprived. Getting enough sleep is mandatory. When we lack sleep, we tend to eat more, and our blood pressure rises. For better sleep, we should remove all work related items from our bedroom – smart phones, laptops, briefcases, etc. It would be the best if we stop using electronic devices at least 45 minutes before bedtime.

For better sleep, we should watch out for danger foods.  Chocolate can keep you up, spice food can cause indigestion and heartburn, and alcohol will give you nightmares. A warm tea before bed is a great option.

For better sleep, take a warm shower. When you enter a cooler bedroom after a warm shower, your body temperature will slightly decrease, which will trigger the drowsy feeling.
Music and books are also great ways of relaxing before bedtime. Tire your eyes a bit with a novel, or listen to some nature sounds.

Adequate mattress, that supports the spine and that is comfortable, is also needed for quality sleep.