Cellulitis Diagnosis

About Cellulitis Diagnosis Procedure

Important: Medical adviser will make cellulitis diagnosis by investigating the medical history of the patient, performing a physical examination and order blood test (to confirm the diagnosis).

In time when you visit your medical adviser making cellulitis diagnosis, your doctor will ask a number of questions regarding medical history, then perform a physical exam, and order blood tests confirm medical diagnosis. As a part of diagnosing work process, your medical adviser will want to rule out other potential medical stats that have similar signs (lymphoma, lupus, gout).

Step 1 – Medical History Review

The very first step in diagnosis process is a review of patient’s medical history and asking questions about medical conditions that might growth individual’s risk of getting cellulitis disease. Particular medical terms are including next: diabetes; chemotherapy; cancers (leukemia,lymphoma); diabetes; HIV; AIDS; IV drug abuse.

Other questions that your medical adviser can ask are:

1.) Were you bitten by any animal recently?

2.) Have you recently been in fresh or salt water?

3.) Did any of your family members have had any recent skin infection?

Probably he/she ask another numerous questions to detect infection and complete first step inĀ  a process of cellulitis diagnosing.

Step 2 – Physical Exam

The goal of cellulitis process is examining the affected area. The affected area will probably be: red, swollen, warmth and painful. Medical adviser must look for eventually breaks in the skin (bruises, cuts, scrapes, ulcers), the place where the bacteria could may enter into the patient’s organic structure.