Amazing Uses of Turmeric – Spice Your Everyday Life

turmeric health benefits

As an important part of Ayurvedic medicine, and inevitable in Buddhist and Hindu spiritualism, this South Asian plant is widely known exotic-root herb, both for its medical and culinary purposes. This deep orange-yellow powder has hot peppery flavor and it resembles the mustardy smell.

That is why we love curries and Middle Eastern cuisine. On the other hand, this spice has an extraordinary uses that many of us did not know about. Let us see what we can do with it.


1. Live longer with turmeric tea

The people in Okinawa are said to be the nation with the world’s longest average life span. They drink turmeric tea every day. To make a tea and live longer, boil four cups of water, add one teaspoon of ground turmeric, and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Strain it and add honey or ginger to taste.


2. Create temporary tattoos with turmeric

Since turmeric is safe to use on skin, one can really enjoy creating tattoos. Turmeric was used as an ornament in old Hindu bridal ceremonies. Before the wedding, usually one to three days, tattoos were applied on woman’s arms, legs, and head. Many said that often groom’s initials were hidden in the tattoos, which he is supposed to find on the wedding night. If he finds it, the couple will have good luck and eternal happiness. If not, he must give his bride a gift.

Turmeric powder was used before henna was adopted in bridal rituals, and today it is used to add a second color to a henna tattoo. You can find turmeric powder in shops almost everywhere, and apply it with small stiff brush or cotton swabs.

In order to do that, you need to damp your brush or cotton swab with water. After that, you should sip it in turmeric powder and rub around until it becomes yellow. Use it to color the areas of henna pattern. Let it dry, and when the turmeric area is dry, tub it over with tissue to polish off the excess. You should not wash that area for 12 hours after applying, because it needs time to penetrate the skin.  Turmeric can last for 2 days on the skin, but one can make it stay longer by rubbing more turmeric each day.

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3. Tame swimmer’s ear with turmeric powder

Many recommend natural remedies for swimmer’s ear problems. People usually use garlic oil to push the water out of the ears. It is more beneficial if one adds turmeric to the mix.


4. Dye Easter eggs naturally

Many use beet juice, onionskin, and blueberries to make a colorful eastern surprise. Turmeric can be of great help as well. Surely, it is always better to dye eggs naturally than to use artificial colors.