8 Little Known Ways to Lose Weight without Diet or Exercise

loose weight without diet or excercise

Is it even possible? Losing weight without intense workout? No calories counting? No deprivation? Is there really an easy way to slim down?

Plenty of fad diets work rapidly, which is not good at all. Is there anything good in losing weight only to regain it again?  Although many of us are very impatient, the best way to lose weight is slowly. Moreover, when exercising alone, or without a trainer, you may opt for the wrong exercises and end up with having your body reshaped in the wrong way.

The above-mentioned does not indicate that you should double your current meals, and stay in bed all day watching television. Paying attention to what you eat and exercising is great, if not perfect, but not everybody can find the time, patience, courage, or willingness to do so.  Luckily, there are green ways how to lose weight without going on a rigid diets or torturing your body.


1. Water

Is water good for your waistline? Yes, it certainly is. Apart from the fact that our body contains 55 to 78 % of water (depending on the body size), water is in fact crucial for the entire life on the planet. In order to function properly, our body requires between one and seven liters of water per day to avoid dehydration.

We need water

For body temperature regulation

For transportation of nutrients and oxygen into cells

For the air in our lungs

For organ protection

For detoxification

For bones, (22% of the bones are water)

For joints

For muscles, (75% of muscles are water)

For brain

For metabolism

Speaking of losing weight, water is crucial because

It decreases your appetite

It has no calories and no caffeine

It will help the body to work harder to warm up the liquid, thus more calories will burn